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Today's Democratic Party ~ Part Two ~ their shared values?

For the last several decades, most Americans have been busy living their lives embracing the expectations of our traditional values derived from our love of God, country, and family. These traditional axioms have been the impetus that has united and inspired Americans irrespective of our ethnic, religious, or political backgrounds.

But today’s Democratic Party openly expresses their hatred and contempt for our shared traditional values. These emblematic values trace our heritage and shape and retrace our collective story as Americans. But it's precisely these values that are now under assault by a callous and malevolent Democratic Party. They are openly disrespectful of our flag, hostile to our anthem, and despise anyone who opposes their antipathy to the values of traditional Americans.

A party that has shamefully morphed into some abstract confluence of Maoist and Marxist malcontents hard at work redefining our culture, rewriting our history, and destroying our way of life. So, when Nancy Pelosi and other party leaders start bragging about the Democratic Party’s shared values, what could she possibly mean?

It’s clear that today’s Democratic Party no longer values working-class Americans as it has abandoned them for their new constituents, the chronically unemployed, the homeless, illegal aliens, and the ever-expanding underclass. Without question, the Democrats “Value the votes from the underclass” over the votes of working-class Americans.

A diabolical plot spawned from Democratic Party policy wonks decades ago that offers lucrative welfare benefits, and for what? In exchange for their votes, the underclass receives the crumbs from the Democratic Party’s entitlement table meant to entrap them in poverty for generations.

Sadly, they have succumbed to this pernicious plot. Favoring the votes of the underclass, the Democratic Party has purposely abdicated and undermined the dreams and aspirations of working-class Americans.

And yet, it is working-class Americans whose hard-earned tax dollars pay for these burgeoning welfare programs while being forced to suffer the indignity of the relentless ad hominem attacks directed at them by Democrats.

In their pursuit of retaining the votes of Black Americans, the Democratic Party “values historical revisionism” while attempting to conceal and erase its party’s centuries-old disgraceful and unsavory racist past. All statues, monuments, and plaques identifying the Democratic Party’s direct connection to slavery, their resistance to abolishing slavery, and their opposition to emancipation and reconstruction are being removed and eliminated from public view and historical record.

Even the public-school teacher’s union, a dutiful subsidiary of the Democratic Party, supports and aggressively promotes the Dems revisionist history agenda.

Perhaps students would be better served if, instead of dividing Americans by race with the poisonous equity and equality curriculum of CRT, teachers focused on more trivial pursuits such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. But then our students would lose the distinction of ranking 20th academically among the rest of the world’s industrialized nations.

Of all these purported value issues, none is more personal to me than the issue of life. But for my maternal grandmother’s Christian compassion, I may have ended up like the millions of aborted souls – just another casualty of Margaret Sanger’s legacy of death. Fortunately for me, my birth family’s matriarch chose adoption over abortion and, candidly, my children and grandchildren are eternally grateful for her decision. What would the 55 million aborted babies choose since Roe vs. Wade if given a chance, life, or death?

No questions about it, the Democratic Party “values Planned Parenthood” ostensibly above all its stated values. Planned Parenthood has become the DNC’s Holy Grail. A Ponzi scheme born out of some Faustian nightmare, the Democratic Party, secures federal funding for Planned Parenthood, and in return, Planned Parenthood reciprocates by donating generously to the DNC.

This unholy alliance professes to represent a woman’s rights when in reality, they profit from the most inhumane and barbaric act of our era. So, Joe, have you no shame? Is your party’s penchant for power and its lust for wielding it so intoxicating that there’s no love or compassion in your heart for the innocent lives of the unborn?

In truth, the Democratic Party is adrift from any moral moorings and without any authentic values shared or otherwise. It favors fiction over facts, the underclass over the working class, race shaming over racial unity, and “death” over the “lives of the unborn.” It supports abortion on demand and protects Planned Parenthood at all costs and without an inkling of remorse.

Today’s Democratic Party’s positions are averse to human dignity, conflict with our Christian underpinnings, and mock our ideals and traditional values as Americans. So, we now know what the shared values are of today’s Democratic Party!

Dave Maynard


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