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Re: 'Today's Democratic Party - Part Two' [Village News, Terrell Letter, 8/5/21]


Last updated 8/20/2021 at 1:41pm

Mr. Terrell responded to a letter from July 22 about the sad state of the current Democratic party. That letter is, he says, "entirely fiction." But in typical leftist fashion, insults have to follow: the letter writer is "ignorant" and "has totally discredited himself."

What triggered Terrell so? It was, as the author stated, the Democratic party's direct connection to slavery, resistance to abolishing slavery, opposition to emancipation. Terrell then makes the absurd claim that in 1860, pro-slavery Southern Democrats moved "en masse" to the Republican party – the same Republican party founded only six years earlier on an anti-slavery platform.

Appearing to catch his own bizarre statement, Terrell writes that he "doesn't have to provide a citation for that." No wonder! "Unlike the GOP, we (Dems) are not ashamed of, or embarrassed by, our country's checkered past." Nor would they be, considering how they, and their media, project every fault and failure of the Dems onto Republicans.

Terrell then tosses out this cliché: "Democrats favor a government that works for all the people." Do they work for people who want crime controlled? No. Do they work for people who want to legally defend themselves? Nope. Do they work for people who want to run a business or be a landlord? No again. Do they work for people who want their children taught marketable life skills vs. race and class grievances? Absolutely not.

And finally, he says that the very poor U.S. academic ratings compared to other industrialized nations can't be owned by the Dems, which is astounding considering how the major teachers unions and academia in general are firmly on the Democrat's side, and have been for years.

However, in attempting to explain the low academic rating of the U.S., Terrell makes the argument that "blue states," i.e. states whose electoral votes went for Biden, make up the top 10 most-educated states. Not exactly an endorsement for the Dems, in my opinion.

David Lewis


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