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Shame on you, you should know better


Last updated 9/16/2021 at 6:34pm

Since I came to Fallbrook awhile back to care for family members, I have encountered so many nice people and a few not so nice. Last Saturday, 9-11 of all days with our 20th anniversary of being attacked on our own soil and honoring those that lost their lives, I was traveling on Fallbrook Street headed to Stage Coach when I saw a friend of mine stopped on the side of the road talking with another person and it did not seem very friendly. So when I got home I called her.

Here is how her story went.

My friend had spotted an intolerant liberal who was removing a political sign that read, "Vote Yes on the Recall." So she pulled over to ask her why she was removing the sign.

Intolerant Liberal replied, “This land is owned by my church and they don't want signs here.”

Friend replied, “So these other signs, ‘Vote No on Recall’ are okay?”

Intolerant Liberal, dead silence.

Friend, again, she asks, “so these other signs okay?”

Intolerant Liberal, “Well I just don't like this sign!” (holding up the sign she removed)

Friend, “Really, so your sign is okay but not these other signs?”

This is what is wrong with you people and your lack of tolerance of others' views!

My friend took a photo of this lady's license plate so I too will be watching for her stealing other signs that she doesn't like! (It is against the law and if caught there is a fine).

Typical liberal intolerance of others views and their anti-constitutional freedom of speech rights. But wait until they come for you.

We are headed down a very dangerous path with people like this woman and so many people who think Newsom has done a wonderful job!

Perhaps the millions of illegals coming to California can come live with her and her family. China Flu infected, not tested and released into our communities but demanding I get the vaccine?

Thousands of American homeless on the streets living on beach front properties like Venice Beach and we bring illegals here to support them with our raised taxes?

Shortage of available housing, water and electricity so where are you putting these people?

Gas prices are headed to $5 a gallon yet we shut down energy independence here in the U.S. and make OPEC rich again.

We abandon our American citizens in a foreign country to bring thousands of Afghans here who are not translators, just regular foreign nationals. (Virginia requests translators.)

We arm the Taliban (terrorists) with over $90 billion in taxpayer-paid military weapons and even leave them with Eye Retina reading devices, what morons. Treasonous act.

We call the Jan. 6 demonstrations on the Capitol more dangerous than Sept. 11, 2001 as we watch again people falling to their death rather than be burned alive. Which we now know Jan. 6 was FBI informant-instigated and Antifa agitators.

Yet Democratic run cities continue to be ravaged and pillaged with thugs even after 18 months of Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots. But Chicago Black on Black crime/murders are acceptable.

White liberal wearing a gorilla mask berating Larry Elder and you call Mr. Elder the white face of supremacy?

Getting rid of Newsom is just the beginning of where we need to start!

Shanika Benson


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