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Vaccine mandates, what to do?


Last updated 9/23/2021 at 5:25pm

Things I just learned today:

Israel and Great Britain, the two countries with the largest populations of vaccinated people, just experienced their largest new-case infections of Covid-19.

FDA advisory panel website rejects wide spread Pfizer booster shots.

A vaccinated person can and is often the offender as a superpreader. Meaning, the vaccinated person can show no symptoms and be spreading the virus at the same time. DAAH!

There is other data out there which supports the rest of this opinion, if you do your research.

It all started with a Covid-19 pandemic, which I can freely say is trying to ease its way out. There are a flock of activities showing people trying to return to some kind of normal life. Businesses are trying to reopen, some were actually forced into bankruptcy after mandated lockdowns. People who are not on Biden’s unemployment $300-sit-at-home bonus are trying to return to work, international flights are returning to what they were, and so on. It’s looking better overall. Numbers are down too.

So why at this point, as things are improving, is there this giant push to vaccinate 100% of the population. Why? History has proven 100% isn't necessary to gain sufficient immunity. But, we are being told to get the shot at any cost and threatened with loss of employment if you don’t comply.

What displays in my mind is those who are compliant, are lining up at the drop of a hat to jump off a cliff without ever looking to see how high the cliff is or what’s at the bottom. What’s wrong with people? Then they have the arrogance at the same time to defiantly wag their fingers in the faces of those who choose to give some thought before jumping. Remember: these vaccines have absolutely no long term usage history at all, none.

There is not one expert who can tell you without question, the consequences of this vaccine down the road in two or three years. Its impossible to label these vaccines as free and clear or safe! Things I have seen online give me some serious doubts about their safety. Additionally, they should never be given to a child. You’d be messing with a child’s already healthy immune system. As for me, no booster. For the rest of you, I advise some serious study. A massive push for compliance now makes no health sense at all.

Remember, if I get the vaccine, I can still get Covid-19 and still be contagious to the extent of a superspreader. So how does that help me or you? Now I'm seeing strong evidence that suggests those who received the vaccine have a greater chance of dying of a heart attack, blood clots or organ failure than Covid-19. Not worth the risk. So what started as a Covid-19 pandemic has turned into a “Get the vaccine” panic push.

Lewis K. Shell


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