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Doubling down on something cratering in the polls, Meghan McCain slams Biden for not governing as a moderate

Virginia Kruta

The Daily Caller

Daily Mail columnist Meghan McCain criticized President Joe Biden for doubling down on the Build Back Better agenda instead of governing as a moderate.

McCain joined a panel discussion on the Sunday, Sept. 26, broadcast of "Meet The Press," and she argued that Biden had been elected by independents and moderates and his agenda was effectively leaving them behind.

"Meghan, I want you to play a reporter here for us, because you may have the best sense of Kyrsten Sinema," host Chuck Todd noted that McCain had a good personal relationship with Sinema. "That's the frustration Democrats have. They don't know what Joe Manchin wants. They don't know what his bottom line is and they don't know what her bottom line is."

"Politically in Arizona I think that's why people like her so much. Anecdotally, conservatives in my life really like her because she's holding the line for conservatives in a lot of ways," McCain replied.

She went on to note that in states like West Virginia in particular, the home state of Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, the electorate would not vote for a Democrat running further to the left.

"If it's not him, it's going to be a Republican. So, this distaste and this outward hostility toward moderates in the Democratic Party surprises me," McCain continued. "I also was shocked by seeing Senator Booker talking about sort of openly this distrust between progressives and moderates, how the Democratic Party ultimately threads the needle, I don't know."

McCain then turned to address Biden, pointing out the fact that he had run his presidential campaign on the idea that he was a moderate who could bring Americans together.

"He ran and won with the help of independents, centrists, Trump-wary Republicans. He's not governing as one. The Build Back Better agenda is the most progressive modern agenda of all time, up to $5 trillion and it's not polling well," McCain concluded. "I'm confused as why they're doubling down on something that's cratering in the polls right now."

Reprinted with permission.


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