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Response to JT, Sept 23rd


Last updated 10/1/2021 at 3:03pm

Typical Liberal who misses the point and then deflects, turns & twists the facts.

Of course you've got the election in the bag, you've been stealing our State elections for decades.

Nobody said the homeless problem was Newsome's fault, better re-read the opinion I wrote.

The MISSED point was they are living on beach front property while the residents get to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in property taxes! Residents get to live with the crime, drugs, and stench which is now their ocean view. I say ship them to Malibu.

Government can't fix the problem yet they can bring millions of illegals here and give them our tax dollars while some of our poor homeless are military vets who are suffering! But then Liberals secretly hate our military anyway so they could care less even when they pretend to care.

Show me a legitimate quote where Trump said illegals are "scum." All fake news!

We are getting the poorest of the poor, the drug cartel thugs, the criminals and gang bangers.

It would be cheaper to help the good people in their own Country!

I am sure some of the farmworkers who come here to do a job are good hearted people who just want a better life and I am all for helping those people so stop twisting the facts John. Re-read the above sentence as to what we are really getting so Liberals can change the voting demographics!

So the news media reports 80 to 90 billion and you quibble over 10 billion? AGAIN deflecting the point! All your phony "fact-checking" sources are Liberal liars including Snopes with one co-founder being so left he walks in circles. I guess everything else I mentioned is true because you didn't attack, twist or deflect those truths. You really need to broaden your news sources to hear the truth of what is really happening to our Country.

God bless Dave Maynard for his three-part series, I thoroughly enjoy your bright insight with every letter.

Shanika Benson


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