Level 1 Water Shortage Notice declared by FPUD board, requesting 10% voluntary cutback


Last updated 10/8/2021 at 4:36pm

FALLBROOK – Board members for the Fallbrook Public Utility District declared a Level 1 “water shortage response – water shortage notice” at their Sept. 27 monthly board meeting. Level 1 is a voluntary 10% reduction in water use.

The change, effective immediately, implements 14 mandatory conservation actions, listed on the home page of the district’s website.

The change is in line with the declaration from Governor Newsom on July 8, declaring a statewide drought emergency and requesting a voluntary cutback, statewide.

In mid-August, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California followed suit, declaring a water shortage alert – a shortage condition that expands public outreach regarding the need for conservation. This is because there is a water shortage on the Colorado River due to low storage in the nation’s largest river, Lake Meade. Drought conditions are also stressing the State Water Project in northern California.

“Fallbrook customers have already begun cutting back,” said Jack Bebee, general manager of FPUD. “Our August water sales are already down 15% from August last year.”

While California will not see mandatory cutbacks in the near term, there is increasing concern about the status of water resources in the Colorado River basin that could lead to mandatory, statewide reductions if the drought continues.

“We think it’s important to get in front of any mandatory cutbacks and show initiative, especially since we are in a rural community with larger lots and higher per capita usage per customer, which often puts us in the spotlight during cutbacks,” Bebee said.

Since most of our water use is outdoors, taking measures to prevent runoff and overwatering from irrigation is one of the biggest changes we can make, and can really help ensure we support the statewide drought emergency.

Submitted by Fallbrook Public Utility District.


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