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Don't forget 9/11/2001 or Afghanistan 2021


Last updated 10/8/2021 at 4:30pm

This nation's mainstream media apparently wants to move on from the disaster created by our abrupt and seemingly unplanned departure from Afghanistan. Our politicians on both sides of the aisle in congress don't seem to be objecting.

Doctor Jim Dobson of the Dobson Family Institute maintains that it would be very unwise to just move on and sweep this disaster under the carpet. His September newsletter gives the following reasons why we the people deserve more:

Neither Democrats nor Republicans appear eager to find out why Bagram Airfield was abandoned or why billions of dollars-worth of our state-of-the-art military weaponry and equipment was handed over to some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world.

Remember that the Taliban provided a safe haven for Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. They were responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. Now they are fortified by one of the best equipped militias on earth. Shouldn't we find out which generals, admirals, politicians, and advisers engineered this disaster? To date, they have paid no price for their malfeasance, their wrongdoing.

The damage being done here and to our allies is enormous. Perhaps you saw Tucker Carlson's television show on the evening of the bombing. He interviewed Miranda Devine. She is an Australian and a columnist for the New York Post. Tucker asked her, “What do you think the rest of the world is thinking about our country and the Biden administration at this moment?”

Devine replied, “I hate to say it, but you know, America, in one fell swoop has managed to make itself look untrustworthy, feckless, careless, irresponsible and weak. For a country that has the best military in the world – that is the leader of the free world – that the rest of the free world looks to for leadership – it's gone and [left] a vacuum, and everyone is scrambling to figure out what to do. I mean today in the face of this disaster, this massacre at Kabul, the President....just went missing again.”

I ask you, Dobson continues, does it make sense for us to ignore these blunders and simply move on? To do so implies that the war against terrorism ended with our departure from Afghanistan. Certainly not, maintains Leon Panetta, a liberal and a career Democrat who understands the implications and said on CNN, “We're going to have to go back in to get ISIS. We're probably going to have to go back in when Al-Qaeda resurrects itself, as they will, with this Taliban.”

Why would those with responsibility for protecting America continue to ignore the dangers it faces? Terrorists still hope to humiliate and bring down what they call “The Great Satan.” We are sitting ducks for them as the southern border of the United States stands wide open. We need to defend ourselves from those who hate us, yet the FBI and other intelligence entities have no idea who or where they are.

If we do not carefully evaluate the parade of horrors that led to the tragedy of Afghanistan, and if we fail to hold accountable those who were responsible for it, America could experience something worse than 9/11 in the future.

Dobson further asks: If you haven't done so already, please contact your representatives today and demand that they call for a full investigation into the many failures in Afghanistan that brought us to this point. Unless we identify the incompetent and foolish decision-makers who created the mess we are in today, those responsible for it may still be in power when the next crisis occurs. In that case, the past will be a prologue.

Jim Bowles


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