Parents are responsible for their children's actions, health, education and welfare, not the state


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Julie Reeder


Fallbrook Union High School District Superintendent Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez released a video last week showing damage, allegedly related to a September TikTok Challenge, to bathrooms on campus at Fallbrook High School. If I understand correctly, there was damage to all the bathrooms at the school, but damages to one bathroom alone was more than $4,000, according to Supt. Garza-Gonzalez.

Most of the bathrooms at the school were being remodeled so that the students could have nice facilities for use on campus.

That September TikTok challenge isn’t a one-time thing, according to Garza-Gonzalez who warned that for October, apparently, there is a TikTok challenge to slap a teacher or smack a staff member. Unbelievable.

In her message, Garza-Gonzalez said that the school is asking for leads and they will prosecute the students and also hold the parents or guardians responsible for their minor children’s criminal behavior. I hope the students are found and I hope, for their sake, they face consequences. I hope their parents take responsibility and are a good example to their children to possibly divert future crimes.

What kind of youths purposefully damage other people’s property?

Well, we just have to go back to last year when young people were encouraged to protest. If they were watching video after video of rioting and looting which the nightly news downplayed and excused, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think they might excuse their own bad behavior. Free Nike’s, TVs and whatever they wanted. There was no justice.

According to numerous published reports, the criminals who hurt people and burned and looted businesses were excused. Money was raised for their bail by Hollywood types and then liberal district attorneys refused to prosecute them.

So, if these “TikTok kids” were paying attention, what lesson did they learn? Maybe they destroyed new bathrooms in the name of social justice? Sounds ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the “Summer of Love” or Portland or Minneapolis where small businesses were destroyed. Shame on those cities where they didn’t have a leader like Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez who cared enough to do the right thing and set the example for those students and the rest who, given the opportunity, might follow in their footsteps.

If anyone has a lead, please call the school office or the Fallbrook Sheriff’s Department at 760-451-3100, or you may share in the guilt too.

Back to parents being responsible for their children.

Families are the basic building blocks of our society. It’s where we learn to get along with each other. It’s where we learn to fight fair, to love and to have discipline. If we are raised in a well-adjusted family, we are more likely to be successful in our relationships, in society, at work, etc.

Not only are parents responsible when their children are misbehaving, parents stick up for their children when someone is hurting them. It’s also their responsibility at that point to set things right. If they can’t set things right, they remove them from the situation.

Parents are responsible for their children’s health. Not the school. Not the state. Not the federal government. This is why parents are fighting against mandates from the government for an experimental vaccine that has damaged or killed thousands of youths who had a very small risk from COVID-19. The parents are ultimately responsible and there is no compensation from the government. The buck stops with the parents and the children.

Parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s education. Not the government, not the National Education Association. This is why parents are showing up at school board meetings voicing concern for what they are seeing in low test scores, racist curriculum and Marxist ideologies.

Even if the Justice Department tries to intimidate parents into not being involved in their student’s education, I doubt it will work, because ultimately, at least good parents care more about their children than anyone else and parents are willing to go great lengths and be responsible to make sure things are right.


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