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COVID-19, prevention is the cure


Last updated 10/22/2021 at 12:01pm

Julie Reeder


I lost a cousin last week to COVID-19. If you are losing a loved one to COVID, you shouldn’t have to fight the hospital as well.

His children weren’t allowed to see him until the end, and just for five minutes. They were also asking the hospital to treat him with Ivermectin, but the hospital refused. From what I’ve learned, early intervention with Ivermectin is the most useful, but honestly, if someone is dying, what’s the risk? They’re dying! It reminds me of an employee I had 20 years ago that was dying of cancer and we were asking the doctors to give her more morphine for pain and they refused. I asked, “What are you afraid of? She’s going to get hooked? She’s dying!”

I read one law firm has 60 cases right now, representing families with loved ones in the hospital who are being refused this Nobel prize-winning drug.

This is one of the topics that is covered in a two-page spread in this week’s paper, which I expect will be too much for short attention spans. But it is important to listen to doctors who know what they are doing. It is a transcription of a roundtable discussion between nine doctors and scientists about the present state of COVID and how to fight it.

The roundtable participants include an inventor of mRNA technology, a statistician, a psychiatrist, and several well-respected doctors and scientists who have treated thousands of COVID patients.

Most of them agree that the COVID pandemic is a pandemic of undertreatment and a lack of preventative strategy using medicines that have been utilized by billions of people all over the world. Medicines that are on the World Health Organization’s list of essential life-saving medications. The problem with these off-label medications is they don’t make people rich. They are cheap and available. You can likely take them long-term preventatively. Other countries, much poorer than the U.S., are using them with much success.

The doctors also are sounding the alarm because, while they all are pro-vaccine, they warn that the vaccines and the boosters we are using now are not effective against the Delta and other variants, and in fact may cause problems, especially to children and pregnant women.

They didn’t address the loss of personal freedom to control what you have injected into your own body, and it was kept completely unpolitical, which I appreciated.

Dr. Pierre Kory, who has testified before the U.S. Senate, said he has never seen anything like COVID. He’s never seen floors of hospitals full of people with ventilators for the same disease and he takes it very seriously.

It’s a mistake to censor and shut out the opinions of doctors who have successfully treated thousands of patients. They made the point that it’s how doctors work. They share information.

It also may be wise to talk with your doctor and have a proactive strategy in place since they say there are now just as many people getting COVID who are vaccinated as unvaccinated. They also confirmed that people who get COVID have superior immunity to not only COVID-19 but the variants as well.

“Getting Covid is only caused by one thing – a lack of preventative strategy. The good news is we have those strategies.” Kory said. “My colleagues are now talking about even scarier variants that are coming. And so, we need more tools to fight this. We need more weapons to fight this. And guess what? The positive message is. We have them.”


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