How the peacock preserved his power


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While Northern California burns indiscriminately, it's become just another year without the leadership and the prudent forest stewardship required to bring these cataclysmic fires to an end. Of course, the Governor continues to conveniently blame Climate Change to deflect his ineptitude and lack of managerial acumen.

And while our farming communities urgently request the precious water resources and infrastructure repairs they need to feed our state, the Governor defiantly ignores their impassioned pleas for help. And yes, even with the mushrooming homeless population, and despite his repressive COVID edicts, the Governor somehow managed to survive the recall effort with his scalp intact and without even one hair amiss from his carefully coiffed hairdo.        

So how did he magically defeat the recall effort? Some pundits claim the GOP's loss was tied to insufficient campaign funding, while others charge that the Republican candidates lacked the credentials and gravitas to vanquish the "Boy King." Perhaps attrition contributed to his victory, with so many conservatives and moderates fleeing the state from the Dems repressive regulations and authoritarian governance. Or just maybe the $600 stimulus bribes, I mean stimulus checks from Newsom, had something to do with his victory.

I'm sure the last-minute generosity from the Biden Administration coupled with the state's increases to welfare and SNAP benefits may have moved the results in Newsome's favor as well. But most likely, the mail-in ballot scheme made it possible and is directly responsible for defeating his recall election.

After all, Democrats have found a way to place ballots in the hands of the least engaged voters among us, those who prefer spending their days in a self-induced cannabis coma rather than being bothered with pesky civic duties. It is a masterful ploy to spoon-feed ballots to habitually unemployed citizens who struggle to get out of bed in the morning, much less who would ever go to a polling place to cast their vote in person. And with these newly minted voters, there is now far less pressure on the "Deceased" to win elections for Democrats. Additionally, they no longer need to rely so heavily on the teachers' unions, or the ever-expanding public sector, or for that matter, the illegal alien's votes, to carry them across the election end zone.

And with Newsom's victory, the teachers can get back to the vital work of indoctrinating yet another generation of navel-gazing Trotskyites just waiting for their marching orders from their Maoist Masters. It's no wonder our public schools don't produce critical thinkers anymore when promoting Critical Race Theory is the preferential curriculum for most public-school teachers who would otherwise be developing reasoned thinkers.

After all, it's not about expanding individualism with Democrats; it's all about broadening collectivism. And yes, Newsom's gaggle of goose-stepping marionettes can now resume dismantling our God-given inalienable rights and mocking our Constitution to further their power and control over us, thanks to their legislative machinations in Sacramento.

You see, in Newsom's contorted universe, farmers, ranchers, small business owners, contractors, truck drivers, and those of us who live and work in rural communities across California are irrelevant and unworthy of his attention or consideration. We are simply political orphans without any political capital for him to spend. His sole concern is for his party's future and, most assuredly, for his future while he toys with our collective fates. But then we are the ones who resist his highnesses COVID mandates; we are the ones who are appalled by the deteriorating condition of our once beautiful state, and we are the ones who reject and refuse to become dutiful subjects of his lordship's domain.

For those of us who have lived long enough to witness the cataclysmic changes in our state, we must not allow those who came before us, whose sacrifices carried us to this day, to be dishonored by the Democrats. It is up to us as Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, and if any still exist, moderate Democrats, to eradicate this liberal plague that infects our state. We must resist their caustic actions and their insidious governance, which threatens our lives, no matter what it takes, no matter how high the stakes, so we may return California to the magical place we once called our "Golden State."

Dave Maynard


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