Patriots unite


Last updated 10/22/2021 at 12:01pm

Why are we allowing this beautiful country of ours to go to hell in a handbasket? Are we cowards? Afraid to stand up to evil, which is what the progressive left is? Speaking of progressives, did you know that Progressive Insurance is owned by George Soros? To me, that is frightening. Too much influence – too much influence over the masses.

What about one hundred million dollars worth of "wall" equipment laying in rusted piles, paid for by "we the people?" Now it’s wasted by the Biden decimation of our country. What do we do? If we impeach Biden, then we have "no action" Harris, with her kid actor, inane video. How could half of this citizenry who voted for Biden possibly not see what is happening to our country?

Personally, I miss President Trump. I'm sure many have expressed faults, but the man got things done. God bless him. Our country needs him now. Just look at what Biden has wrought.

I have to include our despicable governor who after winning back the governorship is really on a roll with his insane mandates. We. who have a brain are still here fighting for California. It is not an easy task, so join in the fight for California and for our country. God Bless America!

Orolie Gubser


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