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Re: 'Vaccine mandates, what to do response' [Village News, Forrest Letter, 10/14/21]


Last updated 10/22/2021 at 12:03pm

Dear Sandra,

Did you even read what I wrote and do your own research or are you just relying on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC for your misinformation? All of these paid professional liars have a political agenda that you are feeding right into. I would be mad if my news media were gaslighting, manipulating, disrespecting me and outright lying to me to further their agenda! Kinda like the lying reporter telling us that the BLM and Antifa were "peaceful protestors" while we watched the burning down of Portland.

Did you read Ms. Julie Reeder's wonderful informative article on "Mandates"? Please read! You failed to go and research for your own so do not chastise and attack me for your own faults and misgivings. You have a bad case of confirmation bias and that is something only you can fix with real facts, but you have to have an open mind to digest everything out there!

FACT: Israel confirmed cases with highest infections, July 4 to 31. Age 20 to 90+, Cases fully vaccinated: 15,634. Cases unvaccinated: 3038. Israel is 86% vaccinated.

So all these countries including England, Israel, Iceland and more are lying? All these nurses and doctors are lying? How are fully vax'd people being counted? All the inexpensive drugs that are proven (some for years and decades) to be better than the vaccines is false information? Fauci was part of the engineering of this virus with the Chinese and our tax dollars paid for it. Fauci is a pathological liar and covered this up while the Liberals make him out to be some hero.

The CDC's own website changes almost daily. The FDA is being coerced and strong-armed by the Biden/Harris administration into feeding you their lies.

Big Pharma is feeding their data to the FDA and you want to call that truth? The VAERS data reports of side effects and deaths are being manipulated. Countless big corporations are all on board the Vax train. Why is Bill Gates so adamant about taking the vaccine? Because he is making millions of dollars from his investment! I have more facts, but we are supposed to limit our words here.

Here's another fact. I spoke to a friend of mine the other day. Her dad recently died in another state and was being cremated with his ashes being shipped back to her. When Neptune Society picked up his body and delivered it to their mortuary, the paperwork sent to her to sign for the body to be cremated was marked in the upper right hand corner "COVID." She balked at that as she had proof he was not COVID positive at any time and had been tested constantly as he was in an assisted living facility. The facility was willing to show all their tests to prove it. She refused to sign the paperwork for cremation until the lie was removed. It was a fight, but she got that removed from the paperwork before it was stated on the death certificate.

So, tell me why they are still counting every death as COVID? Trying to increase the numbers to scare you? Does the mortuary get a kickback from the federal government? I did my own research and I see where our federal government will help anybody with their funeral costs up to $9,000. But that's another sad story.

You did not research one thing I wrote, so don't tell me to "expand" my multiple resources. There are never two sides to the truth!

The science that is being put out there is not science and many doctors, nurses and real scientists have stepped forward to prove them liars, but now they are being threatened physically, verbally, mentally and emotionally. So tell me why?

I had the virus and was down for about two days, so it doesn't affect everyone the same way. People are not dying in the streets like some TV program. Again, over 99.5% of the people who get this China virus come through just fine, so I'll take my chances of not putting an unproven, rushed through, skewed, unapproved, tested, fetal cell tested/filled vaccine into my body.

Never in history have we been mandated to take medicine for a flu virus. Getting the shot doesn't stop you from passing the virus along, so if you get the shot and still feel scared, then wear a mask, keep your distance if needed, but leave me alone.

I would like to think that you are probably an intelligent person who has been hood-winked and feeds into all this hysterical misinformation by your news sources. As my friends say...I think you should grab a hold of your ears and pull your head out.

Shanika Benson


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