California plans for reparations for African Americans


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I just read a news article about AB3121 that I bet few people have read.

California Assembly Bill 3121 establishes the Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans, with a Special Consideration for African Americans Who are Descendants of Persons Enslaved in the United States (Task Force or Reparations Task Force).

The purpose of the Task Force is: (1) to study and develop reparation proposals for African Americans; (2) to recommend appropriate ways to educate the California public of the task force's findings; and (3) to recommend appropriate remedies in consideration of the Task Force’s findings.

On June 1, by statute, the Task Force consists of nine members for a 2-year process of drafting an apology to the descendants of slaves and recommending ways that the state might compensate them. Mark my words...This is a blank check and it will never stop with a bottomless pit for ongoing millions of wasted dollars!

No one should be held responsible for the sins of their ancestors! What about the blacks in Africa who sold their own people to the bad white people in America? Hello, they still sell their own people today into human trafficking with sex slavery. What a waste of taxpayers money and you wonder why California is broke and yet continues to tax us to death...literally!

California Secretary of State Shirley Weber is telling a state mandated Reparations Task Force that atonement for slavery is long over due and should include free education for all African Americans. So black children have not been in the public school system and even charter schools for free all these years? No scholarships, free rides or student loans for blacks?

She goes on to say, "Every black child in California that's born should basically be going to preschool, because they have to catch up for themselves and their mothers who didn't go." Do you mean to tell me that in this day and time their mothers didn't go to school? Where were the truancy officers?

She goes on to say, "Because the effects of chattel slavery on the black community run so deep, reparations will take generations to achieve and shouldn't be limited to monetary compensation." So money will not be enough? What else do you want? She blathers on. "We have to look at every institution we've had, whether its homeownership and finances and begin to ask when will we reach equity and parity, and how do we accelerate that experience for so many?"

So this means that all the other races will be held hostage for the rest of their lives to pay for every "wish list" you demand they pay for as reparations? When will it stop? When will enough be enough? So with each new black child being born today, naturally of a slave descendant, the process will start again! Are you insane? Read the rest of the article yourself for what this crazy race baiting charlatan has said.

Its time we hold these race baiting "Al Sharptons" responsible for their actions and look to other black people as role models. Here's a few to start with, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Candice Owens, Tim Scott, Randall Kennedy, William Julius Wilson, Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele, Glenn Loury, Walter Williams, Stephen Carter, Orlando Patterson, Stanley Crouch, Anne Wortham, Robert Woodson, Walter Williams, Jason Whitlock, Ben Carson and thousands more! How about JC Watts, former Oklahoma Republican congressman who started Black News Channel for news, Dish 360, Spectrum 232, Direct TV 342. If you want a well rounded truth for everyone, try Fox News or Newsmax.

Black people have been used, abused and manipulated into believing they can't achieve, excel, have or live their dream unless the Democrats give it to them. How insulting, degrading and abusive is that? It’s the vote of the lazy people, ignorant, gullible people they are looking to continue with their slavery of them.

And on top of this, Mr. Biden and cronies want to give illegal aliens who came here illegally and were separated from their families $450,000. each for reparations? Whether they were separated or not, they will be treated as such. Just shake your head yes, "you were separated from your family, weren't you."

You can't be this stupid to keep voting for this, can you?

Shanika Benson


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