Kudos to the Commonwealth of Virginia


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Was the election in the Commonwealth a bellwether for the 2022 midterms? It appears that the deep blue state of Virginia has come to its political senses. McAuliffe could not be saved from his humiliating defeat even with the parade of leftist luminaries coming to his aid, including the two-term "King of Narcissism" himself. Not only did Virginia elect a Republican governor, but they also elected a Republican Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. And to think that these two new inductees to the state's leadership posts, Winsome Sears, a black woman of Jamaican descent, and Jason Miyares, an American of Cuban heritage, won as Republicans!

Apparently, neither of them received the memo from the DNC, CNN, or MSNBC lamenting their political futures are tied to a racist party. Okay, I know this is an erroneous claim that is inherently untrue. But still, I think it is appropriate to reiterate the absurdity of this contrived and overused racially charged epithet to illustrate the lack of integrity and the blatant dishonesty of the Democrats. But then, if we are distracted from the real issues challenging our lives, we might not realize who bears the burden for the pervasive decline in the quality of our lives.

Perhaps Californians might learn a thing or two from this election? Recently journalists from Newsmax interviewed San Francisco residents from the 12th Congressional District, which encompasses most of the city. They queried the residents concerning the deteriorating quality of life and rampant crime plaguing virtually every neighborhood in San Francisco. Even among lifelong Democrats, most believe the quality of life has become intolerable.

More surprisingly, most respondents, especially the Democrats, were unaware that Pelosi was their Congressional Representative. Maybe California's so-called progressives should spend less time on trivial pursuits like parsing pronouns and more time becoming informed citizens by focusing on the relevant issues that impact our lives?

Of course, although increasingly an endangered species, informed citizens in the state are fully aware that Madame Nancy and her Democrat cronies are directly responsible for the abysmal conditions that infect San Francisco and the state's urban communities. As Jefferson once stated so eloquently, "a well-informed electorate is a prerequisite for Democracy." Or, said in another way, "an informed electorate is the only thing that stands between a healthy Republic and its ruinous end." So, it's hard to imagine when a competent government will ever return to California unless the ballot harvesting scheme and the mail-in ballot practices end.

As for the rest of America, I predict, with God's help, a renewed spirit of patriotism will envelop the country producing historic victories for Republicans in the midterm elections. Sanity will slowly yet inevitably return to our federal government. And the Democrat Party will finally be chastened for the American-hating charlatans they have become.

So, with the deepest of appreciation for Virginians for having the moral courage to correct the destructive course they were embarked on, Americans are truly indebted to you. Thank you for rejecting the pernicious policies of the Democrat Party and the Biden Administration. Kudos to the Commonwealth of Virginia for saving their state and providing us with the roadmap to repel the nefarious intentions of the Democrat party. "Sic Semper Tyrannis!"

Dave Maynard


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