Re: 'How can so many be duped?' [Village News, Benson letter, 11/18/21]


Last updated 11/25/2021 at 6:47pm

Thank you Shanika Benson for a great letter last week concerning reparations for blacks who are descendants of U.S. slaves.

Of course, then they forward the money to all the descendants of the Union soldiers who had to fight to free all their enslaved relatives.

And concerning the woman talking about how gullible people are (I forgot your name), I agree completely. Some people believe the Democrats leaving all the Americans behind in Afghanistan was just an unfortunate “accident.” Especially when Biden said it would never happen.

Some believe they need a mask on while driving alone in a car. Some believe the Chinese are the “good guys” and mean us no harm. And some believe that paying $435,000 to people who broke into our country is not a Democrat policy to help bankrupt our economy. And all these skyrocketing prices were because Trump did it.

Or my favorite, if everyone gets vaccinated, the pandemic will go away.

Joseph Schembri


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