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Re: Re: 'How can so many be duped? [Village News, Terrell letter, 12/16/21]


Last updated 12/31/2021 at 10:37am

People can look up the information I provided themselves if they have an interest. Better yet, they can read Ms. Reeder’s detailed fact finding, brilliant letters. She provides many factual sources for you to read and investigate. I choose to use my limited space to bring dialog, something the left wants to cancel.

All of your words are straight out of the fake news media and big Pharma.

If you watched any real news, you'd hear videos of Biden and other government officials saying exactly what I said they said! President Trump did not coin the term CCP virus, he called it the China Virus since it came from China, just like several viruses before this one. Look it up.

Mr. Terrell, you can split hairs with 99% survivable vs your 98%, but I guess it depends on where you got your information. However, I think it is actually closer to 98.5% survivable, so should we all be really concerned over such accuracy? Funny but you have nothing to say about the rest of my letter. Please answer me why the federal employees, Congress and their staff and postal employees are not mandated for this vaccine?

Truth is, the vaccine does not stop or cure the virus. it doesn't even stop the spread. It's not even a vaccine; it's a flu shot! The mask doesn't stop the virus either.

Again, if you are vax'd and feel safe with that decision then leave me alone because frankly, I don't feel safe taking it and I am entitled to my beliefs (my constitutional right) or will you insist on taking those away too in the disguise of responsibility? Getting a flu shot is not my responsibility; it’s a choice.

I think most people are more concerned about the truth of what is really happening to our country than the fake news jibber-jabber and what all this has done and continues to do to our country. There is more to life than the China virus and I plan to live life, not walk around in fear. Roosevelt once said, “All we have to fear, is fear itself.” And he was a Democrat.

Why don't you look at other states and foreign countries who didn't lock down and why have they fared so much better than our blue states? But then you'd have to read beyond the fake news of your confirmation bias to discover the truth that will set you free.

Using the Pro Choice baby murders words, "My body, my choice," tells you I get to decide what I put in my body, end of conversation. I also get to decide what you put in my child's body, not the schools sneaking behind my back. Had nothing to do with murdering babies; I just borrowed your words fittingly. And by the way, abortion does affect one other life, the baby you are killing. I wonder what the baby would have to say.

Shanika Benson


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