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First John, you write opinions that you indicate are facts.

For abortion, none of your opinions are relevant to the actual facts:

For instance, refer to Amendment 10: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Explanation: Powers that aren’t the Federal government’s are the States’, or the people’s that live in that State.

Nothing and I mean nothing in the Constitution gives federal power on abortion. It was a mistake by the Supreme Court, just as segregation was a mistake, equal and separate education was a mistake. The Supreme Court has made many mistakes over the years that were done by justices that did not follow the Constitution, but followed their opinions. Sometimes the majority gets it wrong. Many times the wrongs are corrected by subsequent Supreme Court rulings.

For abortion to be legally federally controlled, you need a Constitutional amendment with all the requirements honored to get same introduced and passed. Otherwise, abortion is a States’ issue.

We now have five strict Constitutionalists on the court thanks to a President who believed in nominating justices that would follow the letter of the Constitution. Chief Justice John Roberts has no conservative credentials and only wishes to be held in reverence but is wishy washy on the Constitution.

To make abortion a federal power, an amendment to the Constitution is required with all the provisions honored to make it so, otherwise, abortion is a State’s responsibility with whatever each state decides. There are now five justices who may just believe that to be true, and make it the law of the land.

That does not negate abortion, it puts its control in the hands of each State and unless an individual State oversteps some other Federal law, that’s who will control what is legal for abortion in their State.

Keep listening to CNN who had to fire Chris Cuomo because of his involvement of trying to silence the accusers of his brother, Andrew Cuomo, the New York Governor, of sexual charges by multiple women.

Keep believing the CDC which put out an edict for schools after getting the input from the Teachers’ Union. The CDC will not address immunity gained by contracting the disease and therefore being more immune for the future than anyone who has taken any number of vaccination shots. The CDC is political to its core. Two top officials have already resigned in protest of the edicts because of the politics.

I was educated as an electrical engineer graduating in 1959 and did my masters work in 1970 getting an MBA. I deal in facts, some of which I do not like, but I deal in facts, not what I would like things to be because of my political beliefs. The above are facts. Perhaps you should try it for a change.

Max Myers


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