Merry Grinchmas to the Salvation Army


Last updated 1/13/2022 at 5:18pm

Dear Colonel Richard Munn, I am writing you because of your deeply disturbing publication entitled the "Study Guide on Racism." The premise of your fallacious paper implies that the ghosts from the aftermath of the Civil War are back burning crosses on front lawns across America, and the lynching of Blacks by former Democrat Party brigades has risen its ugly head once again.

It's as if Biden's preference for segregated schools and the Democrats' past penchant for enforcing "White Only" drinking fountains and restaurants are still being played out on street corners and in neighborhoods across America.

Fortunately, none of this is true, and the days of racial injustice are behind us. Today thousands of black Americans have been lifted out of poverty by their initiative, strength of character, and God-given talents. People of all ethnic backgrounds have learned that the road to prosperity starts with one's own volition and not through government intervention. So why write such a divisive, backward-looking piece rather than penning a forward-thinking vision for all Americans?

But your manuscript implies that racism is embedded in the minds of all Caucasians, and you claim whites subconsciously display their racist impulses in all the choices and actions they make. What in the world possessed you to write such ignorant and ugly thoughts, much less publish them? Your words dishonor the Salvation Army's mission and defame your most ardent group of donors? Recently, you retracted this policy position, but your weak-kneed mea culpa reeks of insincerity and demonstrates how far the Salvation Army has strayed from its original mission.

Unfortunately, there are consequences for making poor choices for all of us. So, this will not come as a surprise to you to learn that your Christmas stocking, once brimming with charitable donations, will now be filled with carbon-producing lumps of coal in deference to your Study Guide on Racism. Congratulations and Merry Grinchmas to you and the ignoramuses on the Board of Directors at the Salvation Army for betraying your most coveted supporters by ingratiating yourselves with the infamous race-baiting hustlers of the Democrat Party and their surrogates in the Woke Mob.

I leave you with this last thought; Is wearing your Nike shoes more sacred to you than saving the lives of the enslaved Uighurs who make them? Perhaps, Colonel Munn, this is a noble cause worth pursuing?  

Dave Maynard 


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