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The future is better than we think


Last updated 2/3/2022 at 11:57am

It appears that the United States has divided itself into two distinct classes and neither wishes to acknowledge that the opinions and beliefs of the other side are true or matter or are worthy of consideration at any time.

I think the so-called “Main Street Press” has fostered this divide and it started with the demise of Nixon and his dirty tricks and audio tapes that led to his resignation. I am old enough to remember how the press treated Ronald Reagan as basically a mental lightweight not worthy of the office. The press used this same treatment of George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

There were four Trump years of constant beating the drums about Russian involvement on Trump’s election behalf. When the facts came out that the FBI used the fake dossier funded in clandestine operations by the Hillary Clinton campaign and that there was zero Russian involvement, not a word of contriteness from the press, audio or written. End justifies the means.

The entire bureaucratic government had participated in trying to remove the sitting President Donald Trump who was impeached twice and never convicted. Trump, in my opinion, was/is his own worst enemy with the need to be the center of attention always. His programs including the rapid development of vaccines for COVID were excellent and he had the entire country at full employment.

The shutdown in hindsight was totally in error as were many of the decisions on masks, vaccines, etc.

The United States through selective hidden funding actually was responsible for the development of the COVID strain and that is no longer in doubt, even though at the time it was illegal. The United States was not responsible for the unfortunate releasing of the strain into the general public starting with the people in Woo Han, China. That is small comfort to the millions of people who have died as a result.

COVID plus Trump’s arrogance gave us Joe Biden who now has had a year to show his plans and expertise and/or the expertise of his Vice President Kamala Harris and the rest of his appointments.

The country is in free fall and the next election will reflect that free fall. President Joe will still have veto power so not much can be accomplished to change course in any direction.

Still, I would like to reach out to all that still love this country and say that as a student of history, we will have a better future than we think right now, but it will take all of us being a little bit more understanding of each other’s points of view. Be positive, smile, and shake the hand of a fellow American and wish them well.

Max Myers


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