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Is America in her final days?


Last updated 3/4/2022 at 7:13pm

Last night we went out for a bite to eat with friends after catching a cute movie, "Marry Me." Well worth seeing, by the way. Sitting next to us was a group of concerned citizens and a woman who was deeply worried about the state of our union. Expressing her views as if she was conducting a symphony of words with one hand while sipping a glass of red wine with the other. Her words streamed out of her mouth like a torrent of white water flowing down an angry river, not one word stopping to rest or to catch a breath.

Sparing not a single syllable, she recited in chapter and verse the upending of our country feverishly underway by the secular left. And with the arrival of the second bottle of Fallbrook's finest Cabernet Sauvignon, her words became sharpened like a butcher’s knife, cutting through the false premises and blatant lies put forth by Democrats with exacting precision. Then with her eyes glistening as if she was about to cry, she asked, “is America in her final days?”

It's hard to argue or deny the train wreck we are living through with the Democrats in charge of all facets of government. Even among their most ardent supporters, they must be cringing at the sheer magnitude of their party's stupidity and incompetence while we choke on the excrement sandwich, they have made for us. But don't expect an apology to be forthcoming for the hostility and instability they have caused us both at home and abroad.

Hyperinflation, economic stagnation, lawlessness, rampant incivility are all internal pressures crashing down on the bulwarks that once were the safeguards of our nation. Education co-opted by indoctrination, the southern border besieged by swarms of wannabe and soon-to-be EBT and SNAP recipients. All are making a mockery of our immigration policies and costing taxpayers billions in subsidies. An intolerable and burdensome mess laid at the doorsteps of Americas' working class, who are expected to pay for all this nonsense. Are we not witnessing Obama's braggadocious fait accompli, the transformation of our society that he so arrogantly teased?

What's more, she opined, these events are not just coincidental acts of defiance. But a well-orchestrated plan devised to transform our nation thanks to the darlings of Davos, the Princes and Princesses of Silicon Valley, and the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Democratic Parties' hierarchy. Together they brazenly impose their insidious will on all of us while frantically remaking America into their New World Order, the woke panacea of a serpentine dream.

Not one word of this is written, printed, or spoken in opposition by the media, just the deafening absence of sound ringing in our ears. America’s once inquisitive press has been silenced by the power brokers who support the Democrat Party and champion their New World Order. The once protectors of free speech, the arbiters of truth, the stewards of our liberty are now suspiciously mute. The facts shall be ignored every word to be distorted or misconstrued. The legacy of the free press is conspicuously and unceremoniously missing.

And then, just before leaving, she turned back and asked, do we not possess the moral fortitude to save ourselves from the tentacles of darkness looming over our blessed country, or the requisite skills to vanquish these traitors and avoid their impending transformation of our nation? My answer is a resounding and unequivocal yes, we do, and yes we must….. What sayeth you?

Dave Maynard


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