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Last updated 3/4/2022 at 7:13pm

Where is the pride for the Democrat party in the future of their party? The Biden administration has created their own disaster with every turn of our history. And they thought that President Trump would lead us into war. He is the one who kept us out of war through strength. Biden and his whole team, I call them "winken, blinken and nod." Some team.

My question to the registered Democrats – do you see what is happening with your party? It is no longer the administration of JFK. As Ronald Reagan said "I didn't leave the party, it left me." You have had a year to live through the Dem regime. Has it left you?

There are many groups (individuals) in this community who are loaded with "common sense" and would love to share. Get your individual thinking caps on without direction from the left. Try as we might, it is not easy to discover the reading material imposed on our children, but we must. It is not the truth.

The truth is that the Biden/Obama/Harris/Rice/Dr.Jill/Hillary and more are the ones who want the power, not justice for "we the people;" so we have to fend for ourselves and fight the "progressive" system. Does the left, i.e. Joe Biden, feel what "we the people" feel at the gas station, especially in California? If he had an ounce of caring for the American people he would open the Keystone XL pipeline.

With President Trump, we were energy independent. With Biden we are beholden to our adversaries. The Ukrainian debacle would never have happened under President Trump. The Ukrainians are heroes as far as many Americans are concerned. They are fighting for their liberty. I pray that God will spare us for having to fight for ours.

You Democrats who are seeing what is happening, we welcome you to see the light. The world needs thinking people who are thinking as individuals and come to the power of individualism and stay out of "group think." You want to be a powerful "person," not a sheep who follows. God bless these United States of America.

Orolie Gubser


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