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2020 Presidential election - Proven fraud, bribery, illegalities, cyber hacking


Last updated 3/17/2022 at 2:38pm

Julie Reeder


It’s now confirmed, more than a year after the Federal Cybersecurity agency declared the “2020 presidential election was a perfectly secure vote,” that there were serious irregularities, unconstitutional rule changes, illegal ballot harvesting and Iranians have now been indicted for their hacking to influence the election.

No matter what, it was far from a perfect election. It likely won’t change the past, even though there were over 1,000 affidavits signed under penalty of perjury. People were berated for having questions and concerns after the 2020 election. When poll workers and watchers saw serious breaches with their own eyes, they were called conspiracy theorists and part of “The Big Lie.”

Trump, the RNC and other outside parties filed dozens of lawsuits against various governments alleging illegalities. They too were berated and made fun of by the legacy media, as usual, and just like with Russia Gate and the COVID lab leak theory, they’re now being vindicated.

Many of the lawsuits were tossed out on technicalities, standing or jurisdiction. The courts never heard the evidence. Out of the cases actually heard and decided on merit, Trump or the RNC actually won most of them, last I checked. Many of those lawsuits and complaints have caused states to launch independent investigations. Wisconsin was one of those states and they just reported their conclusion.

On March 1, 2022, The Wisconsin Office of the Special Counsel released an “Interim Investigative Report On the 2020 Elections” and found massive bribery, broken Wisconsin laws, voter fraud in nursing homes, noncitizens voted illegally and people who were legally prohibited from voting voted unimpeded.

As for Mark Zuckerberg’s grant of $8,800,000, it violated election bribery laws through his “The Center for Tech and Civic Life” Get Out the Vote plan with the Cities of Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha and Green Bay (the Zuckerberg 5 Cities). It caused “many problems and questionable actions,” and “Corporate legal defense to facilitate obstruction might violate the Wisconsin Ethics Code.”

The stinging report also found that “Wisconsin election officials’ widespread use of absentee ballot drop boxes violated Wisconsin law,” and worse, “The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) unlawfully directed clerks to violate rules protecting nursing home residents, resulting in a 100% voting rate in many nursing homes in 2020, including many ineligible voters.”

People cognitively unable to vote had cast votes and “indefinitely confined, people legally prohibited from voting, etc. somehow voted freely.”

WEC also unlawfully encouraged evasion of ballot security measures related to “indefinitely confined” at the behest of outside corporations.

Wow, that’s just blatant fraud, violation of election laws, heavy ballot harvesting of seniors incapable of voting.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court also ruled as many as 200,000 voters were allowed to illegally skip voter ID for absentee ballots by claiming they were indefinitely confined by COVID when there was no such legal authority to do so. This is significant because Biden beat Trump by about 20,000 votes in that state.

That’s just the first state.

Remember the phone calls between President Trump and the Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Tom Wolf and Wolf called President Trump’s ‘unsubstantiated’ claim about fraud in the U.S. presidential election a "partisan attack?”

After considering the evidence, the Pennsylvania court did strike down Pennsylvania’s last-minute mail-in voter law as unconstitutional and 2.5 million votes by mail in Pennsylvania in 2020 are now called into question by the ruling.

After the raucous exchanges between Trump and Georgia’s officials relating to voting irregularities, the Republicans and Trump are vindicated. Georgia has issued a state memo on irregularities in Fulton County that were so bad that the state may put Fulton County in receivership and take over the elections. Most of Fulton County’s election officials have left their jobs.

The report shows many obvious problems with the votes scanned including many duplicated batch entries and inconsistencies, including highly unusual batch entries where 100% of the votes went to one candidate (Biden), but in the recount, both candidates received votes.

Then there was the Georgia Ballot Harvesting Complaint. This one is really interesting. A complaint was filed with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger by True the Vote, an organization investigating ballot harvesting complaints across the country.

They found a person, John Doe, who participated in the large-scale ballot harvesting effort in Georgia and was paid $10 for every ballot harvested. John Doe didn’t understand that it was illegal activity.

True the Vote obtained publicly available video footage and commercially available cellphone geospatial data which supported his account of these efforts. In the data True the Vote reviewed, they found 242 mobile devices which repeatedly visited drop boxes an average of 23 trips each, and also repeatedly visited locations associated with a select group of organizations behind the effort. Approximately 40% of the trips were made in the middle of the night.

Additionally, surveillance footage shows the individuals deposited multiple ballots at a time, a practice which is prohibited under Georgia law except under very limited circumstances. Finally, consistent with John Doe’s description of how participants were paid, individuals were seen taking photos of drop boxes or of ballots as they were deposited into a dropbox.

True the Vote filed this complaint and provided the information to the Secretary of State as the arbiter of election integrity for the State of Georgia. They stated in the report, “In conjunction with an investigation and formal request by the Secretary of State’s office, True the Vote will provide all publicly or commercially available information including the geospatial data and surveillance video to assist with any efforts undertaken by their office.”

Also, the report notes “curious” behavior around Dec. 23 2020. “The day after Arizona authorities announced that fingerprints on absentee ballot envelopes helped uncover an illegal ballot harvesting scheme in that state, individuals depositing ballots into these drop boxes in Georgia are seen wearing blue surgical gloves. They often put them on just before picking up their stack of ballots and removed them as they exited the dropbox area.”

How about Arizona? Arizona has already indicted a half dozen people on charges of illegal harvesting in a probe by Attorney General Mark Brnovich which is expected to expand.

Bad Arizona signatures? In the review of Maricopa County’s mail-in ballots in the 2020 presidential election, it is estimated that more than 200,000 ballots with signatures that didn’t match voter files were counted without being reviewed, which is more than eight times the number the county acknowledged, as reported by Just the News.

An extensive audit by Arizona’s Senate officially called into question more than 50,000 Arizona ballots cast in the 2020 election, including voters who cast ballots from residences they had left. This tally in question is nearly five times the margin of Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

With many people not trusting the election processes or outcomes, it is important that the investigations, audits, lawsuits continue. And when people immediately dismiss any objections as “conspiracy theories” or “The Big Lie” it’s important to not worry about pejoratives and push on to the truth, no matter where that truth leads.

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