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Biden's Laptop? It's old news, but there will be little accountability


Last updated 3/28/2022 at 3:20pm

Julie Reeder


Well we can all breathe a sigh of relief now that the New York Times has blessed the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story, “Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad,” published Oct. 14, 2020, as true. In the New York Times story “Hunter Biden Paid Tax Bill, but Broad Federal Investigation Continues,” dated March 16, 2022, the emails now have their blue fact check of approval.

The New York Times was able to confirm that emails on the laptop were authentic during a story on Hunter Biden’s extensive tax problems (way down in paragraph 24) from millions of dollars he has taken in from around the world. The New York Times is reporting that the Justice Department is examining whether Hunter violated laws relating to money laundering and foreign lobbying.

Really? Like that isn’t old news. But it’s safe for them now that the country is over a year past the election and their guy is safely in office.

I would just like to say that people who were reading our newspapers were aware of the situation and were not censored from the truth. It’s another reason for the printed word. It can’t be censored or changed online.

The biggest problem is no one will be held accountable for lying, slandering people or for election tampering.

No one will be held accountable.

The New York Post, one of the oldest newspapers in the country will not be compensated for having their hard and important reporting censored and misrepresented as “Russian misinformation.”

Hunter Biden’s business partner who courageously came forward on Fox News and verified that the emails were true will not get any apologies for the rest of big media ignoring him.

The 10% of the voters who were polled and said that if they had that information when it was reported before the election, it would have made a difference in how they voted. They do not get a do over.

President Joe Biden will not be held accountable for lying on stage during a national debate with President Trump, calling the story about his son lies and again, “Russian misinformation.”

Twitter and Facebook won’t be held accountable for shutting down a legitimate story and free speech for two weeks before the election. Anyone who tried to share the story was immediately censored and their accounts were locked. Just like the doctors on the frontline who have truthful information about COVID treatments and shots have been censored and banned over the last couple of years.

No, the damage is done.

Is anyone going to apologize or make it right with former President Donald Trump? Will anyone tell him that he was correct to question the Biden family dealings in Ukraine, for which they held impeachment hearings or that he lost the election?

Will anyone recognize that crooked liars like former Defense Intelligence Agency Director James Clapper who went on National news networks like CNN and flat out lied about Rudy Guiliani, saying he and Steve Bannon were being fed “Russian misinformation” to give to Trump? Clapper, by the way, was also part of the now debunked Russiagate. After all the lies and true misinformation, he has been rewarded with a position at CNN.

The 50 so-called experts who signed a bogus letter saying it looked like Russian misinformation will not be held accountable.

No one will recognize that while these so-called experts were quickly doing damage control to help protect Joe Biden, that the Justice Department and Department of National Intelligence was reporting that it indeed was not Russian misinformation. That fact didn’t matter. Only the narrative was important. Only the election tampering was important because the end justifies the means and they had to get the bad guy out of the presidency while he was exposing their swampy behavior, like taking money from crooked foreign governments and oligarchs.

Will Rudy Guiliani be made whole from the FBI raiding his home and taking everything except the laptop? Because again, it’s not about getting to the bottom of the crimes being committed, it’s about finding something against Trump. They’ve spent over $30 million and involved every level of government to try and get Trump and his children for something and came up empty handed. All the while the Biden family's swampy behavior was making them rich, including Joe Biden’s brother, James.

Ask yourself, “What if Trump was doing a fraction of what was on that laptop? What if one of the Trump children was making homemade porn? What if there were children in compromising situations? What if they were taking money from foreign governments and oligarchs to influence our government officials?” Would the media have censored it as misinformation? They carried Russiagate for two years with Adam Schiff, Clapper and the likes of them flat out lying.

Emails aren’t important, unless they are from your enemy so you can try and find something on them. Just ask Hillary Clinton.

Why is the laptop information important? It’s not just the photos of Hunter passed out with his crack pipe. Or the pictures of him undressed with little girls dressed in hooker outfits. The most damaging information are emails pointing to Hunter and his father in the White House clearly benefiting from “pay to play” situations. President Biden repeatedly set up his son in situations where their family was able to be paid for his influence.

The emails confirm Hunter Biden, the son of the president of the United States, was the recipient of gifts from crooked foreign interests in Ukraine and China. We also know he took millions of dollars from the wife of a Russian oligarch.

Will Hunter Biden be held accountable? Maybe, but daddy surely won’t.

I’m not sure we need to worry about Russian meddling as much as Big Tech Meddling and our own leaders’ bad behavior.


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