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D'Vine Path embarks on a culinary journey

FALLBROOK – D'Vine Path has recently begun a new pathway in its program with the D'Vine Path Culinary Class offering students an opportunity to explore the culinary industry through catering, cooking, meal planning, and more.

This program will be run by D'Vine Path Culinary Director Dianna Branche and Culinary Facilitator Jenni Parker. Together, Branche and Parker will teach the students everything they need to know in order to obtain a job in the culinary field. This is a three year program designed to teach the students the basics of safety in the kitchen, meal planning, nutrition, cooking, interviewing, and more in order to best prepare the students for future employment.

According to executive director Lenila Lingad Batali, the program is already off to a great start and the D'Vine Path team is looking forward to seeing how much it will grow.

"We are very excited about our new culinary program and the opportunities it will present to our students," Lingad Batali said. "This training could be the start of their catering careers."

Both Branche and Parker are extremely experienced in the culinary field and thrilled to have the opportunity to use their knowledge to educate their students.

Branche has been involved in the culinary industry for over 20 years; she has owned her own restaurants in the past as well as bakeries and a biscotti manufacturing company. Branche brings a great deal of knowledge in hospitality and a strong background working with food.

"I've done a little bit of everything," Branche said. "I've worked as an interior designer, a telecommunication secretary, a business owner, a caterer, and I feel very blessed that now in this phase of my life, I have the opportunity to work with these students. They teach me about life and loving those around you everyday."

Branche hopes to have a large impact on each student and help inspire them through food.

"Right now, we're teaching the students how to be self-sufficient and prepare meals for themselves and others," Branche said. "We teach the students how to shop, safety skills, knife skills, how to weigh ingredients, catering, cooking and we also teach them how to gain a job in the industry. All of these skills will greatly benefit the students in the future."

Parker has also greatly enjoyed her time working with the students at D'Vine Path. After coming from a pastry background, Parker is very intrigued by the farm-to-table aspect of the program as well as the winemaking aspect, and she is excited to grow and learn along with the students.

"The amount of recipes and skills we can teach the students is endless," Parker said. "There's so much potential and every student is grateful to have the opportunity to learn. They're all so genuinely excited and welcoming, it's such a positive environment."

Parker is also looking forward to teaching the students the difference between the effects of healthy, fresh food compared to prepackaged and fast foods. Parker and Branche intend to take the students on field trips every week to local farms in order to help the students gain knowledge about eating organic, homegrown produce.

"As the program continues, we hope to adjust our lessons based on what the students enjoy and what they want to learn about," Parker said. "I am thrilled to be able to be here for the students and teach them all I can."

According to Lingad Batali, D'Vine Path offers a positive, welcoming environment for students, staff and volunteers, and everyone involved is looking forward to seeing the students of D'Vine Path Culinary grow and refine their skills in the hospitality and culinary industry.

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