Is America in her final days? Part two


Last updated 4/7/2022 at 4:50pm

I want to express my profound appreciation to "JT" for drawing attention to my letter entitled "Is America in her final days?" Although his critique was without merit, his comments demonstrate how close-minded partisan Democrats have become.

Armed with dubious sources, his rebuttal was full of half-truths and untruths that we've heard from Democrats so many times before. It's clear there are two distinctly different visions for our future, one that embraces our heritage and one that runs from it.

For those who still love and respect our country, we are not willing to trade our national sovereignty or our liberty away for the privilege of driving an electric car someday. Nor are we willing to give our daughter's rights away so some confused soul can compete in women's sports today. 

And while the left corrupts an entire generation by promoting safe spaces and parsing pronouns, Putin and the Ayatollahs are busy plotting how to take our Representative Democracy down. Amidst this confusion, Democrat luminaries are without logical solutions or lasting resolutions, just vapid platitudes that promise better days ahead that never seem to come around.

Our once-iconic cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles have become a wasteland of human debris thanks to decades of the Democrat's irrational policies. The stench of cultural decay permeates the air they breathe, fouls the water they drink, and engulfs their lives with this insanity.

I grew up in the suburbs of LA when it inspired the imaginations of innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians alike. Today, the former City of Angels is mired in homeless encampments that propagate fleas, rats, and disheveled two-legged malcontents. None of these ill-conceived policies demonstrate responsible governance or lead us to a future any reasoned thinker would, could, or should ever support.

In truth, progressive policies have destabilized world order, debased our culture, and eroded public confidence in government while simultaneously shredding the moral fabric that ensures peace and tranquility both at home and abroad. 

Thankfully the Democrat's contempt for those who disagree with them and their infidelity to our Constitution will drive millions of disgruntled Americans to the polls in the November midterms. Let's hope that the midterms are a bellwether for restoring our country so we can save the Republic from waving goodbye to "American Exceptionalism" and avoid ringing in the new year with the "Age of Wokeism."

Dave Maynard


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