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California's Nazi propaganda


Last updated 4/14/2022 at 2:45pm

Yes! America is in its final days, but we still have time to save the greatest nation on earth.

California is another story. With the theft of Newsom's recall election, we are all doomed. A few weeks ago, The Village News printed a large size "wake-up" call of what Sacramento is trying to pass in congress, titled Sacramento "Vaccine Work Group" Bills.

You need to read this Nazi propaganda.

SB 871 would mandate the CCP vaccine for all kids, in school or child care, so basically regardless of age. So even if I home school or send my kids to private school/daycare, you want to require they be vax'd?

SB 866 takes away your parental consent/rights and lets your child 12 to 17 decide on this CCP vaccine. Why do they call them parental rights when you don't believe I have any?

SB 1479 wastes more tax money on continued CCP virus testing and created new testing plans. What's wrong with the ones you are already wasting millions on?

SB 1018 would require online platforms to disclose how health information is distributed to users. Aren't you already controlling/limiting what information is out there that science actually backs up? Anything that the government élites say is disinformation is already regulated and shut down.

SB 164 requires police to enforce lockdowns and mask mandates. I guess this first go around was just a test, like I said it was. This control you want over the Californian people is just the beginning. They will not be happy until they have achieved a communist way of life for all of us.

AB 1993 requires all employers to mandate the CCP vaccine for every employee and independent contractor. I guess my religious issue with the fetal cells is ignored? The exorbitant number of deaths and permanent side effects are just collateral damage. My body, my choice is only reserved for what you say I can do with my body!

AB 1797 provides greater access and less privacy for the California Immunization Record Database. This is just a tracking device so they can force you into submission to comply.

AB 2098 subjects doctors to disciplinary conduct for sharing what you call "misinformation" when in fact its is nothing more than the State Government becoming Dr. Mengele in their thirst for power and control over my and my family’s health.

None of this will fly with commonsense people but then I didn't think shutting down our way of life would last 3-4 weeks for a flu virus that kills about the same amount of people in a flu season anyway...but what do I know!

I won't address the lunacy (false information) that illegals pay taxes when we all know they get a refund of what little they do pay in and there are no taxes for under the table cash wages.

I suppose the illegals drawing Social Security checks who have never paid into the system is not happening either. So, they are not getting welfare for any of their kids, even their anchor babies? No food stamps, SNAP, or EBT that can be used at Denny's? Heck, they don't even pay the 10-cent tax for grocery bags.

You want to know how to lower gas prices...approve immediately all the federal land permits under "emergency use" and drill baby drill. Rip away all regulations like you did with the FDA and CDC and these very dangerous vaccines.

Ms. Reeder, thanks for your brilliant reporting. I thoroughly enjoy reading the truth. Outstanding letter from Judy Willis, as I had read an article a few months back and wondered when someone would bring up the truth about these EV. I wonder what God will have to say when asked about these atrocities committed against His children?

Shanika Benson


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