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Re: 'The true cost of electric vehicles' [Village News, Letter, 4/1/22]

I felt compelled to respond to Judy Willis’ letter, because of the "fooled by this EV propaganda" line. How many decades have the fossil fuel industry been putting out propaganda? It has been denying the effects of their products on the climate and pollution.

I attempted to fact check your mining numbers but could not find a good source for this info. But what I did find was still worse than I expected. Unethically sourced materials are indeed a problem. This happens more in poor countries than wealthy ones, but it happens everywhere. Most mining is hard on the planet no matter what you're after. So is drilling. Renewable energy is where we need to get to.

We do have pollution controls in this country, some say too many. But somehow oil and gas companies can just walk away from a well that is no longer profitable for them. Leaving them to spew out methane unrestricted. Great nonprofit businesses are trying to seal these wells but should not have to. (See WELLDONE). Spills and leaks contaminate our water supplies.

Over the years we have been improving the efficiency of the internal combustion engine. But it has taken time, just as it will take time to improve the efficiency of EV's and their associated batteries. It has been moving rapidly and in the right direction but is not there yet.

There are many new battery chemistry designs in progress and even solid state developments. We need to embrace this new technology in order to further its advances. We need to adjust to smaller, lighter and more efficient vehicles. (See APTERA). How many of us are alone in our cars and trucks? I too am guilty. I do not own an EV or E-bike, but that would be the best direction for the benefit of the planet.

We do need to save those children, but not so they can go to war over oil.

Glenn Zajic


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