In response to Terrell and Zajic's letters [Village News, 4.14/22]


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When the Left can't handle the truth about the reality of what is really happening in the world and has nothing but lies and half-truths, they punt their Holy Grail, baby killing abortion. We all know the real truth about this barbaric procedure.

Do you ever notice how they never really debate any real issues? They never seem to have an original thought; they just pick a word or phrase and it goes out as a "code word" for the day with every single news reality show repeating the same mantra. They deflect from the truth.

Mr. Zajic, you will never be able to fact check any truths on EV and the mining processes because any truths about anything that doesn't fit the Left's agenda is removed as "misinformation" or "disinformation." There is no more First amendment for the internet. Problem is, everything the Left spews out are lies. You will only find the truth on Fox News, Newsmax, The Epoch Times newspaper and the Village News.

I wanted to cry when I read your letter as these children are just collateral damage to the EV agenda. Save the planet, but damn these children. Why can't renewable energy live in tandem with fossil fuels? Why can't I drive an SUV and have solar on my house? Even though the electric company is penalizing me for it.

When communist China and other Third world countries get on board with cleaning up the planet and not leaving the heavy lifting to the United States, maybe we can talk. We can't pay for everything! Fact: Climate Change, whose name has been changed so many times to fit the Left's agenda, (remember Global Warming), is not man-made to the point that the Left provides false data and cooks the books on what they want you to believe. While we all do our part to save the planet, God gave us resources to use and be stewards of, so let's use common sense.

Let's talk about some other real issues in addition to the ones Dave Maynard, Judy Willis, Orolie Gubser, Julie Reeder and so many more brave intellectuals write about.

I want to know why Judge Ketanji didn't answer the question, "What is a woman?" When confirmed, why did she say, "I am the dream and the hope of the slave"? I know slavery still exists in Africa, but the Left doesn't care about that fight, do they? People will get to see just how far left she is.

Why is Patrisse Cullors, BLM founder, insisting it is racist to investigate the embezzlement and misappropriation of millions of extorted dollars from black mailed scared running big corporations?

I want to know why my granddaughters have to compete with biological boys in sports. Saying you are a girl doesn't make it so! Being raped in a bathroom by a boy who identifies as female and sweeping it under the rug or saying it didn't happen to fit your agenda is an abomination.

So why are tens of thousands of parents up in arm about CRT that is not being taught?

I predicted the Left's new agenda was coming several years ago and it is coming to fruition. Pedophilia that was once a horrific crime against children is now being pushed on us as acceptable behavior. USA Today, Alia E. Dastagir (and several other college professors) state "Not all people who sexually abuse children are pedophiles....Some pedophiles never abuse children, experts say, and some people who sexually abuse children do not sexually prefer them but use them as a surrogate for an adult partner. What!

So be prepared over the next years to see fights for pedophilia to be the next agenda and we will be called "pedofobia" racists if you don't accept it! NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) has been around for decades. The Left has many atrocities being hoisted upon this great nation; it's just how much we are willing to swallow! I'll have none of it. On this Easter Day, Jesus rose from the dead to see His people fall to such acceptable deviation.

Shanika Benson


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