Who benefits from LAFCO approving Community Benefit District?


Last updated 4/23/2022 at 5:08pm

Can you state the 150 nonprofit organizations in Fallbrook that the Community Benefit District approved by LAFCO (to be administered by FPUD) is going to benefit? I counted maybe 37.

I'm following FPUD closely. The joining of Rainbow and Fallbrook, and the withdrawal from San Diego County Water Authority, the water treatment plant, the Orange Grove Project fiasco. Nowhere did I become alert to any meeting recently discussing this other than back in 2018, and the subsequent FPUD and FCPG meetings. I looked at the special meetings agenda on the LAFCO web page and could not find this discussion to approve.

I attended the two meetings in Fallbrook and more people verbally objected to a community benefit district than those that asked. Not even a show of hands in 2019. So, four years later LAFCO approves the Community Benefit District and squeezes residents of Fallbrook for more money .

The community groups that are going to benefit from this include Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce, Fallbrook Beautification Alliance, Fallbrook Land Conservancy, Fallbrook Village Association, Fallbrook Trails Council, Save Our Forests, Fallbrook Historical Society, Fallbrook Sports Park and Fallbrook Arts Inc. (That's eight nonprofits; where are the other 142?)

The recent census states 16.7% of Fallbrook's population lives in poverty, and if anybody thinks that this increase is going to just affect homeowners they're mistaken. "We all know what trickles downhill."

How could LAFCO, FPUD and the volunteer organizations requesting this tax collection, through FPUD's water bill, do this to the Fallbrook residents? As if times aren't hard enough: Covid 19, escalating gas prices, job losses… Just recently, FPUD has sent out notices of delinquent/non-payment of bill water turn offs next month.

Shame on you all. You couldn't approve a $5 a month tax for the North County Fire Department that desperately needs new equipment, tires, trucks, engine repairs etc., but you could do this.

Look at the organizations that are going to benefit and you tell me they are necessary. The projects stated that Fallbrook would benefit such as:

● Public parks

● Public playgrounds

● Public recreation buildings

● Buildings used for a public purpose

● Street lighting systems

● Can work to provide drainage of roads, streets and public places, including, but not limited to curbs, gutters, sidewalks, etc. are ones that are being provided by San Diego County.

If this handful of people are going to tax Fallbrook residents, why not just incorporate the community? Because I certainly don't want the people who brought us the disaster of the Pico Promenade to be the ones in charge of making decisions.

Leave the public works to the professionals. FPUD needs to stick with water and stay out of the public works. This is an assessment for perpetuity and there is no cap on increase.

JAS Sholes


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