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Is America in her final days? – Part 3 – The reckoning


Last updated 4/27/2022 at 5:45pm

In your last letter, "JT," you blame the GOP for your party's continuing malfeasance using the same worn out and predictable tactics of plausible deniability with the sleight of hand machinations of a seasoned "flimflam man." It must be an embarrassing moment in history for you when most Americans blame the Democrat Party for the quagmire that may engulf us all.

But I do hope your party leaders will campaign in the midterms on their obsession with supporting abortion, their insistence on sexualizing our kids in elementary school, and the proselytizing of transgender deviancy as if it were an unspoken virtue.

May I humbly suggest that you add erecting statues to honor felons like George Floyd, defunding the police, and letting criminals out of jail without bail to your list of campaign promises? I'm sure these issues will ingratiate you and your party with law-abiding Americans across the fruited plains and serve Democrats' reelection prospects admirably.

So here we are, you armed with historical revisionism and your disdain for our founding principles, and me clinging to the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and America's Magna Carta, the Constitution. Something tells me our Founding Fathers would be appalled by the sheer magnitude of your party's staggering incompetence, its malevolence towards dissenting voices, its penchant for deceit and dishonesty, and your party's indefensible belligerence for our flag and our national heritage.

Although I thoroughly enjoy these rhetorical food fights with you, we are clearly at an impasse for now. You are captivated by your party's recalcitrant ways, their infatuation with rewriting America's fate, while I cradle America's values, her traditions, and the uniqueness that defines our nation-state. But I admire your hubris and hope you will enjoy the upcoming May Day parades celebrating the true forebears, prophets, and leaders of today's Democratic Party. The Who's Who of the Washingtonian leftist elites, Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, and Biden's BFF, Xi Jinping.

Until our next foray into linguistic gymnastics, may I remind you that the fissures that divide us, might not be so insurmountable after all, if only we would embrace the common bonds that make us "Americans first" one and all!

Dave Maynard


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