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Before answering his question, "What have Republicans done since 2016 to aid working-class Americans?", I'll note that fully one-half of Terrell's letter speaks approvingly of the abortion of babies, or as he calls it, "reproductive health care." I'll defer to a person such as Shanika Benson to set the record straight about that.

Terrell is a believer in Big-Government, which is clear from any of his letters. He evidently thinks that working-class Americans are benefitted by more government "bills," as if yet more laws and redistribution schemes are what will improve their lives. It appears that he believes the quality of life depends on the Democrats putting ever more costs and restrictions on the 'right' people; limiting what landlords can charge tenants, mandating how employers must compensate their employees, deciding that you can't defend yourself from criminals – who don't give a rat's you-know-what about gun laws, and promoting men competing in women's sports.

Perhaps he thinks that stopping the border wall project was a good thing for the American citizen; Biden's administration has now "progressed" to giving illegal trespassers free cell phones and service plans courtesy of the working-class American.

But here is his list of his supposed Republican "time wasters":

1. Politicizing the pandemic: The whole Democratic agenda for the 2020 election was based on bizarrely blaming President Trump for the China-originated disease; far-left actress Jane Fonda called Covid-19 "God's gift to the Democrats." Covid was the excuse for mail-in ballots, which the Democrats abused so effectively late on election night.

2. Opposition to Critical Race Theory: "It's not been taught, and there is no intention of doing so." There's plenty of evidence that it is, but Terrell repeats the Left's standard line. Republicans oppose teaching kids that they are the oppressor or the oppressed, based on their skin color.

3. Preventing 'trans girls' from competing in school sports: "Trans girls" are males that unfairly ruin sports for actual girls. I suspect that Terrell never had a daughter in high school track as I did.

4. Preventing mention of other genders in schools: Republican's freely mention the two real, authentic genders: female and male.

5. Restricting free access to voting: Republicans believe that voting be allowed once you have proven your identity with a photo I.D. and signature – that's it. To Terrell, that's an unfair "restriction."

6. Favoring states' rights over federal legislation: States making their own laws was the very essence of the founding of the United States. States were thus encouraged to compete with other states as the best places to farm or run businesses. The founders were avoiding a kingdom, which always hurts the working people.

7. Looking for the next topic to divert from their inaction: I'll advise Mr. Terrell to check any mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, San Diego Union Tribune) for their diversion topics: it's Trump, Trump, Trump, and did I mention, Trump.

So, what have Republicans done to aid working class Americans since 2016? Well, the borders were controlled so that legitimate American workers didn't compete with illegal immigrants, who would undercut their wages. And American energy companies were encouraged to provide fuel for Americans, rather than our country being dependent on foreign suppliers. American banks were encouraged by the Trump administration's pro-business actions to loosen lending, stimulating the business sector. That in turn caused the working class to prosper.

So, Mr. Terrell, the actual party for the working class is the Republican party.

David Lewis


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