Truth is our hope


Last updated 4/27/2022 at 5:39pm

It was my privilege, along with 90 others in our community, to witness the film "Enemies Within The Church" produced by Trevor Louden and hosted by the Republican Women of California, Fallbrook.

The film is an absolute eye opener. It stresses the fact that so many ministers are ignoring the true function of the church by failing to address the distressing activities of politicians, the absence of adhering to the laws of the bible and our responsibility to recognize the role we play as citizens of this great country.

We and "they" must be willing to discuss subjects like abortion, same sex marriage, our children's education, the strength of our borders or lack thereof and call out the self-appointed anointed. It is not enough to hear the truth; we must act on it.

The word of God has been manipulated to suit the progressive agenda from the very young to the colleges and even the seminaries. If you feel that your pastor is soft-pedaling the truth – change churches. Sadly, there are several churches that refused to distribute fliers for this film.

Take a stand - find the undeniable truth!

God loves his people but doesn't love their unlawful (His law) actions.

God helps us all to see His light and recognize evil.

God save the United States of America. We are the hope of the future.

Orolie Gubser


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