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Getting straight news to the public and allowing input from various sources to allow community input, right or wrong, is the business of the Village News. With that in mind, it’s my turn to comment on the subject of the Community Benefit District. I have watched community volunteers work for projects that benefit all of the community for the past 50 years.

FPUD, established as a public utility district, is allowed latent powers, the ability to add other pursuits that benefit the community. The Community Benefit District concept, approved 100% by LAFCO, is the tool that can serve us at no cost.

FPUD is offering to oversee the assessment of $5 a month, which would be part of the water bill their rate-payers receive. This is a monumental gift (no administrative cost) to the community. These funds will help all to share the burden of the cost of maintenance for the amenities that many groups have developed to make Fallbrook a great place to live without creating costly government salaries to be paid with an additional tax. (That comes with incorporation, becoming a city.) Other possibilities were investigated, all with big costs to the fund.

Do you like to have privately-owned mini parks to rest in on a hot day; a privately owned park that is open to the public; playing fields for children’s sport activities; tree-lined streets to create energy-saving shade and pedestrian-friendly shopping areas, plus help control climate; nature preserves a short drive away; benches on our streets to sit and visit or just rest; beautification projects that show our town cares; organized street fairs to bring us some fun and get to know your neighbors and merchants better; create attractions to bring people to Fallbrook for special events. Few of the above, if any, would happen in unincorporated Fallbrook without the generous donations of dollars and volunteer time.

“Leave it to the professionals?” is a quote from a recent Letter to the Editor. Not! “We did it,” making it even more significant while complying with county rules yet making it happen. Ask yourself, would all these things have happened waiting for them? Trust your hometown people to watch your back and your money.

Please follow the progress and come to meetings in the near future that will explain far more. Facts and truth matter. We can judiciously oversee our funds to manage the amenities that make us the Friendly Village.

Jackie Heyneman


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