Re: 'In response to Terrell's and Zajic's letters' [Village News, Letter, 4/21/22]


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Hello Shanika Benson, I'm a concerned citizen of Fallbrook, who had the pleasure of reading your article and I should start with saying, I believe I share your moral condemnation.

Which is why I take issue with your article. I weep for the children associated with you and around you with the way you stamp on the names of honest hardworking Transgender people and especially athletes. You should feel ashamed.

To be perfectly clear, I think your rhetoric is like grease to a computer mouse. Like sand to the hair. Garbage.

Your insistence that the whole world must know who’s really male and female is to put it curtly, disgusting. I don't know what it is with your lead-poisoned generation's inability to hold on to simple moral virtues.

I offer a glimpse, a grim look at Christmas future for all you who wish in error to step in these footsteps, to restrict the freedom of the American People with your bathroom bills and athletic regulations and twisted anti-LGBT policy so many states of our Union now adopt. You will pass on alone. No children to weep for you, wondering how you failed as a parent, or bitter that they will no longer accept you because the left has done this to you.

It is not a fate I wish on anyone, It is one you choose for yourself. You can call it harsh, but I'm just another young person seeing you for what you have become.

Live long and prosper.

Zachary Parmenter


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