Re: 'Is America in her final days?' [Village News, Lewis & Maynard letters, 4/28/22]


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Wow! Looks like I kicked a lot of sacred cows. I hadn't fully realized how little California Republicans know about what’s happening in the red states or internationally. Hmm: where to begin? In no particular order, here are some hot spots.

Critical Race Theory. CRT is taught only as an advanced college course: it is not, and has not been, taught in public schools. Extensive CRT data documenting racism is available. Also overt racism still exists. For example, the Ku Klux Klan is still with us, including a couple of groups in California.

Immigrants taking jobs from us. You must have missed this: The U.S. jobless rate is at its lowest since 1969! Search on “U.S. jobless claims fall to lowest level since 1969 as states float rebate checks” for citation (24 Mar 2022). So, whose jobs, exactly, are those immigrants taking?

Trans girls stealing your children’s sports trophies. Spoiler alert: Approximately 0.7% of children aged 13-17 identify as transsexual. Get that: less than 1%. So don’t get your knickers in a knot. Our nation is not doomed.

It’s all Biden’s fault. Like it or not, there is a global economy. Trump tried to insulate us from it, resulting in damage to our immediate economy and gave China a four year head start on setting up Africa as the next big consumer. Also, the current inflation is not limited to the U.S. – it’s global. That includes petroleum prices, which in turn affect gasoline prices. The fossil fuel cartels are crying (tears of joy) all the way to the bank, with your money.

States' rights. State governments are responsible for legislation unique to their state. Federal government is responsible for issues affecting human rights, that is, affecting all citizens. Right now red states are passing laws to severely restrict legal abortion. This has nothing to do with “saving the babies.” Making abortion illegal will not reduce the abortion rate but will be a win for the misogynists among us.

Voters’ rights. According to Lewis, Republicans believe that all you have to do to vote is prove your identity. Wrong. You may have to go a polling station, taking time off from work. There may be only one polling station in your county, and too bad if you don’t have transportation to get there.

Pandemic politicized. Yes it was, by Trump. Trump didn’t drop the ball on the pandemic, he lateraled it to Jared Kushner, who sat on it for two long months, causing the needless loss of many lives. And there was a lot of misinformation that came from the White House CDC as directed by Trump.

And I’m still waiting to hear what Republican legislators have done, specifically, for America’s working class.

John H. Terrell


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