Response to Zajic and Parmenter letters


Last updated 5/11/2022 at 6:01pm

To Mr. Zajic, please re-read my letter April 21 addressed to you and Mr. Terrell.

So when I am addressing Mr. Terrell you have mistaken it for you.

I believe I asked why we can't live with all the resources God has given us including fossil fuels. The far left wants to eliminate it completely. While I agree with renewable energy, common sense tells me we can incorporate it into our way of life. However, I am not for eliminating what resources we already have and use to appease the left's claims we only have 8-12 years left here on earth that they have been grandstanding about for over 40 years!

Shouldn't we all be dead by now? Renewable energy has its downfalls too, so come across the aisle and work together as stewards of the earth!

As for your misinformation about the "hypothetical" bathroom rape, wise up. The same transgender boy went onto rape a second girl at a different school they moved him to. I think you should again re-read my letter as I did not say anything about this poor child getting pregnant and wanting an abortion? Wherever, did you get that idea?

Re-read Mr. Terrell's letter April 14 as my response stands.

To Mr. Zachary Parmenter. Talk about twisted! I don't believe I said a word about honest hardworking transgender or any LGBTQIA people? Yet you create a false narrative that I did with your lies and rhetoric. Is a female child being raped in a bathroom acceptable behavior because he/she is trans? A man transitioning from a male to female and competing in sports with biological women will never be on the same level of competition.

I bet you believe men can get pregnant just because we have emojis showing it so. I bet you think Pete Buttigieg was really breastfeeding his newborn and everybody being so excited for him was real!

Shanika Benson


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