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The benefits of building a strong core

FALLBROOK – Fitness professionals recognize the importance of a well-balanced workout. Much like a diet that includes foods from each of the major food groups can provide the balance of nutrients and vitamins bodies need to achieve optimal health, a workout routine that includes an assortment of strength and cardiovascular exercises is the recipe for a fit and healthy body.

Core exercises are a vital component of a well-rounded workout. Core exercises can help individuals build sculpted abdominal muscles, and while that's a goal for many core devotees, the benefits of core exercises extend well beyond the cosmetic.

¥ Build a strong, healthy back: The International Association For the Study of Pain reports that lower back pain has been the leading cause of years lived with disability across the globe since 1990. Lower back pain can be debilitating, but core exercises strengthen muscles in the core, including those in the back. The Mayo Clinic notes that core exercises train muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to work together, creating greater balance and stability and contributing to a healthy back.

¥ Make daily life easier: Individuals may not realize it, but their cores play a vital role in performing a great number of daily tasks. Core muscles are activated when doing everything from taking out the trash to getting dressed. If those muscles are weak, the cumulative effect of that weakness can add up and contribute to aches, pains and other health problems. Strong core muscles make daily tasks easier and less taxing on the body, providing both short- and long-term benefits.

¥ Become a better athlete: Core training has long been a key component of professional athletes' exercise regimens, and it's just as beneficial to amateur athletes as well. The Harvard Medical School notes that a strong core powers a host of athletic activities, including golf, tennis, cycling, running, swimming, and team sports like baseball and volleyball. A strong core also benefits outdoor enthusiasts who love to kayak and hike difficult terrain.

¥ Sculpt abdominals: The cosmetic benefits of building a strong core should not be overlooked, as individuals might gain additional motivation to keep exercising and eating right when they see desirable results in the mirror. Core exercises strengthen and sculpt abdominal muscles, creating a win-win situation for anyone who wants to get healthy and look good doing it.

Core exercises are vital to building a healthier, stronger body.


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