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America's Border Wall

For decades, a contemptuous debate has raged on in Congress, ending in a political stalemate. The Doubting Thomas's on the left insist that completing the southern border wall will not deter illegal crossings. In contrast, conservatives believe walls work whenever and wherever they exist. Perhaps the answer to this riddle resides in the chronicles of a foregone era.

In the third century, the first Emperor to unify China summoned his court to build a wall to end the Mongolian incursions plaguing his kingdom. And so, it came to be that a great wall was erected high enough to reach the heavens, strong enough to withstand the earth's deepest tremors, and durable enough to stand up to the hurling sandstorms of the unforgiving Gobi.

Today, we know it as the "Great Wall of China," an impressive architectural feat and an impenetrable bulwark that has protected China's borders from invaders for nearly 1500 years.

Then, in the ninth century, Saracen pirates threatened to steal the vast riches housed within the cathedrals of the Vatican. So, a formidable wall was built around the Holy City with meticulous precision and ramparts that dwarfed the compound's tallest trees. Today, the Vatican's medieval walls stand proudly, uncompromised by the ages, still guarding the Pontiff's seat of power and the church's bountiful treasures from all usurpers and interlopers.

Even the Johnny-come-lately in the White House has become an advocate for building walls, or at least the one he recently constructed around his palatial seaside villa. Today, Biden's beachside sanctuary is protected by a muscular wall that resonates with one defining message, "Trespassers, Keep Out!" So, if a wall is suitable for the Biden family, why isn't a wall appropriate for protecting Americans from the swarms of trespassers at our southern border?

There is little ambiguity in our immigration laws, and the statutes lack any provisions or exceptions for migrants seeking economic asylum. Yet the Democrats refuse to enforce our immigration laws because of their perceived political advantages. With Biden's blessings, the flagrant repudiation of our immigration laws and the total collapse of the institutions that buttress our national sovereignty are underway.

The cost of illegal migration is not just the cascading expansion of our welfare system. It's the untold loss of lives and the staggering number of American families destroyed by the infusion of drugs coming into our communities from narco gangs. And it's the ruthless crimes committed by the Mexican cartels who engage in trafficking migrant women and children, atrocities that go largely unreported and shamelessly go unpunished.

Biden's unwillingness to fix the border crisis is engendering the precipitous transformation of our nation. Furthermore, his governing malfeasance violates his oath of office, revealing his disdain for our laws and his contempt for the Constitution.

Unquestionably, finishing the border wall will end this mayhem, but then that's not what Biden and the Democrats want, is it? So, I ask you, do we want a nation whose character is defined by law and order or a country that is hopelessly enveloped in crime and disorder?

In November, the choice is ours to make! Join me and "Vote Republican," and let's finish "America's Border Wall" and end this mess once and for all.

Dave Maynard


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