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Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party tribute band doesn't disappoint

Energy-packed performance keeps audience on its feet

Karen Ossenfort

Special to the Village News

Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party Tribute band and DEVO Tribute band jam-packed the Starlight venue at Pala Casino & Resort Saturday night, June 11.

DEVO opened, all members dressed in yellow work onesies with what looked like red giant flower pots turned upside down on their heads. "We love all the spuds out there," exclaimed the lead singer.

With that the band played all the DEVO hits such as "Working in a Coal Mine," "Freedom of Choice," which included such lines as "You really don't enjoy freedom of choice, Freedom of choice is what you want. Freedom from choice is what you get."

The band played with loud, tight precision. They performed the all-time favorite, "Whip It," and "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah," "He's Got an Uncontrollable Urge," and "Through Being Cool."

DEVO Tribute Band did not disappoint. They shared the love and the audience loved back. They were a great opening band.

Oingo Boingo DMP band members quietly took the stage and opened with "You've Really Got Me Now." From that moment on, more than half the audience was on their feet and remained that way through the concert.

The layers of music played in the DMP band was nothing short of amazing. A horn section, keys, a lead guitar, bass players, drums, and everyone sang. At one point, the lead singer, who also is an electric guitar player, joined with the bass player and played a balafon, an African-like xylophone with keys, and filled with fruit gourds. The sounds were incredible. The segment stayed true to Danny Elfmann, who was the lead singer of Oingo Boingo, and who always brought an exotic instrument to the concerts and his songs.

They performed many songs off a few of the Oingo Boingo albums, including "It's Alive," "Little Girls," "Who Do You Want to Be," " Gratitude," "I Don't Know Why I Feel This Way," "We Close Our Eyes," Stay With Me," "Dead Man's Party," "Just Another Day," "No Spill Blood," "Nothing to Fear," "Only A Lad," "Private Life," and "Grey Matter."

The bands played a solid three-plus hours of music. It was non stop and highly energetic. DMP gave kudos to the venue for being one of the best to play at and work with. They also gave tribute to the opening band, akin to being a family and loving all.

The venue and the bands did an outstanding job. One attendee told me when he closed his eyes and listened, it sounded just like Oingo Boingo.


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