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FHS registration details reviewed by board

Rick Monroe

Special to the Village News

Trustees of the Fallbrook Union High School District received a report at their June 27 meeting about its annual notification to pupils, parents, and guardians of their rights and responsibilities with registration for the 2022-23 school year.

It was a routine report, followed with some discussion after Trustee Diane Summers asked how inter-district transfers were handled.

Superintendent Ilsa Garza-Gonzalez described the procedure for transfers, which she noted are also explained on the district’s web page – (The web page was also recently redesigned.)

Regarding inter-district transfers, a parent or guardian of a pupil may seek release from the home district to attend a school in any other school district. Each school district of resident and school district of proposed enrollment posts on its web site the procedures and timelines, including a link to the policy of the governing board of the school district.

The Open Enrollment Act of the state education school requires that when a student is attending a school on the open enrollment list as identified by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the student may request a transfer to another school with a higher Academic Performance Index that is either within or outside of the district.

A freshman coming from Fallbrook Union Elementary District or Vallecitos District should not have to go through this enrollment process. If not sure, contact the FUHSD office at 760-723-6300, ext. 3201.

Information about the student such as emergency contacts, medical and language information will be collected. Upon completion, the student's information will be electronically sent to the school.

To get started enrolling a new student, click the enroll a new student button on the district’s web page, A valid email address is required, and this process should take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

You will have an opportunity to upload official documents to complete registration at the end of this process.

If an incoming student’s address is not found in the street listing on the district’s web page, call the school about an inter-district transfer.

Fallbrook Union High School District does not discriminate based upon ethnic group identification, ancestry, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, ethnicity or nationality, or disability in any of its programs, activities, or services.

The parent or guardian is required to acknowledge their receipt of this notice by signing and returning the signature page to their child’s school or district program.

Some legislation requires additional notification to the parents or guardians during the school term prior to a specific activity. A separate letter will be sent to the parents or guardians prior to any of these specified activities or classes, and the student will be excused whenever the parents or guardians file with the principal of the school a statement in writing requesting that their child not participate.

The district and its board recognize that parent or guardian involvement in their child’s education promotes student achievement and contributes greatly to the student’s success. This annual notification contains information on the various ways parental involvement is both permitted and encouraged by federal and state laws, as well as district’s policies.

Even if a potential student has uncertain housing, a temporary address or no permanent address, enrollment in the school is guaranteed by the federal McKinney-Vento Act and California state law if under certain living situations:

• A house or apartment with more than one family due to loss of housing or economic hardship.

• With friends or family because you are a runaway or an unaccompanied youth.

• In substandard housing (without electricity, water, or heat).

• In a shelter (family, domestic violence, or youth shelter or transitional living program).

• In an abandoned building, in a car, at a campground, or on the streets.

These students would not need documents normally required for enrollment, including immunization records, school records, or legal guardianship papers.


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