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Rattlesnakes are out and active

Southern California Rattlesnake Removal man Alex Trejo can help

Karen Ossenfort

Special to the Village News

Southern California rattlesnakes are out and aggressive.

They started coming out in the spring and North County Fire Protection District has been out on many public service calls to remove them from residents' homes, garages and sheds.

According to NCFPD spokesperson John Choi, seven out of 10 calls for snake removals are rattlesnakes.

"We've flown a couple kids with bites to the hospital," he said.

Alex Trejo, of, has removed his fair share of snakes and has a keen understanding of them.

"Though rattlesnakes come out in the spring, the rattlesnake season is heaviest in the spring through the fall," Trejo said. It's the summer when they migrate into people's homes in search of food and water, and especially water, he emphasized.

Rattlesnakes aren't fond of summer heat so, to escape it, they seek out shaded areas, such as covered patios, outdoor furniture and potted patio plants. Potted patio plants are a favorite because they often have been watered and have water in the basins.

Besides rattlesnakes, other snakes slither too close to homes for comfort. These snakes include gopher snakes, which bear an uncanny resemblance to rattlesnakes but without the rattle or venom.

King snakes also are out. As menacing as they look, they are a garden and property's best friend because they are a threat to rattlesnakes.

"Keep an eye on yard clutter, watered gardens and areas like doorways and pots. Stay very alert," Trejo said.

He explained that rattlesnakes rely on the sun for energy, which gives them energy to hunt for food at night.

"Rattlesnakes have a golden hour when they come out on a hot summer day," Trejo said. The snakes are most active in the morning and nighttime.

"On hot days, snakes will come out and lay on rocks at night," he said.

Trejo's service is snake removal. He traps and releases them far away from where they are trapped

"If we come out and the snake is gone, we will track them down. We can also inspect property and remove rattlesnake den sites."

Trejo hopes to educate people about snakes and snake habits.

"To say a good snake is a dead snake is as ignorant as it comes," he said.

"Rattlesnake venom has healing properties in pain, neurological and cancer studies," Trejo explained.

When it comes to rattlesnakes on properties, Trejo said the goal is to have them pass through. He said a big draw for them is pet water bowls. "Remove as much drinkable water from the property. Thin out vegetation and expose around and under it," he said.

For the most part, they will mind their own business, but they are defensive in nature. "If you startle them, and the snake feels threatened, it will move to defend itself," Trejo said.

Trejo has studied, watched and worked under a professional for years. He charges on average $75 to $150. He's licensed and insured.

Contact him at (619) 259-7121 or email him at [email protected].


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