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Don't have a large property to garden? Consider vertical gardening

Julie Reeder


Last week we discussed storing food, water and toiletries for an emergency or food shortages. Another thing we discussed was growing our own gardens. For those who don’t have a large lot, vertical gardening becomes a necessity.

There are many types of containers and systems and systems that can be used when vertical gardening.

There are an infinite number of containers, systems, hydroponics or pots from vertical, self-watering systems to self-fertilizing, space saving wall and fence hanging and containers on wheels, there are a variety of ways to maximize space while growing your own food at home.

If you want to start your plants with literally what you have around the house, you can start seeds in milk cartons or jugs like I’ve done at my home. You can also cut your toilet paper rolls in half and start your seedlings in those.

Have fun. It may take more than one type if you want to grow enough to feed your family at least a couple of times a week.

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