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Election mailings should not be paid for with our taxes

I was somewhat surprised to receive a formal, public document in the mail from our congressman, Mr. Issa, a few days ago. I realize that we are in an election cycle and many elected officials like to send us updates on the critical work they are performing on behalf of their constituents.

When the material received is more of an election promotion and paid for by our hard-earned tax dollars, I have to wonder why this sort of material is sent via the United States Postal Service. I assume there is a very clear division between critical information sent and campaign material being distributed using tax dollar funds.

People running for public office, particularly at the federal level, which historically has provided funds to be used by our congressional and senate members for the benefit of the public, ought to have a very clear and distinct division between their duties as elected members and their campaigns running for office. Much is said about using our tax dollars as carefully and judiciously as possible, but unfortunately that is not always the case.

Bill O'Connor


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