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Re: Re: America Border Wall Part Two [Village News, Terrell Letter, 7/7/22]

Epilogue: America's Border Wall – Answering the antagonist

I am acutely aware my political adversary is incapable of relinquishing his entrenched leftist views. However, in the interest of civil discord, I will not embarrass him by mentioning the hyperinflation fleecing our nation, our rapidly plummeting economy, or the malignant outcomes of the Democratic Party's corrosive policies. Instead, unlike his last letter, I will remain focused on the illegal alien invasion at the southern border.

By every metric, our society is in decline, and the Democrat Party's encouragement and orchestration of this alien invasion will only serve to hasten our demise. These are not the benign actions of innocent political bystanders. These are the maniacal machinations of a bitter group of Democrats poisoned by their political ambitions who have antipathy for our laws and harbor a deep resentment for our country and their American brothers and sisters.

To what end will this mass migration of undocumented aliens lead us? Is it not true that most sovereign nations have hardened borders and stringent immigration laws to protect their national sovereignty? After all, American citizens cannot enter Mexico illegally without being arrested, fined, or deported.

So why are so many Democrats willing to break our immigration laws, knowing full well this will culminate in the debasing of our culture and lead to the precipitous demise of our national identity? Obviously, the Democrats’ quest for political dominance trumps any pretense of their allegiance to the country or their fidelity to our Constitution.

In his last letter, the antagonists opined that a ladder could effectively traverse America's Border Wall. Okay, perhaps he didn't know that nearly 250,000 aliens entered the U.S. illegally in May of this year. Call me a skeptic, but how long do you think it would take for 250,000 illegal aliens to scale a 35' wall using a ladder on one side and then repelling down a rope on the other side, nine months, a year, or longer?

Who knew the antagonist was such an accomplished problem solver. Perhaps the human traffickers would be wise to put him on their payroll. Oh, but wait, Biden has already filled that position, and I suspect Hunter is on his merry way, grifter's bag in hand, crack pipe in tow, off to collect 10% for the "Big Guy" from the cartel bosses.

Thankfully I find myself in a jovial mood at the moment due to a glass of Fallbrook’s finest full-bodied red wine, reminiscent of Franklin's prized Madeira. So I will refrain from dismembering my friendly antagonist's bullet point presentation. Nor will I mock his penchant for using DNC's talking points as if they were indisputable facts.

So in the spirit of congeniality, I want to thank my favorite antagonist for drawing attention to my trilogy, which makes the inextricable and compelling case for completing the construction of "America's Border Wall!" On behalf of all law-abiding citizens in America, from sea to shining sea, muchas gracias, amigo!

One final thought: At what point will Democrats finally say "No more" to the invasion of our nation? This week we learned a 10-year-old girl was raped and impregnated by a 27-year-old illegal alien. How many Kate Steinle's will die, and how many 10-year-old girls will be raped before Democrats enforce our border laws and finish "America's Border Wall" once and for all?

Dave Maynard


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