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Re: 'Re: America Border Wall Part Two' [Village News, Terrell letter, 7/7/22]

John Terrell states that it is poor form to "rehash some old canards," then proceeds to rehash the old narrative that Republicans 'weaponize immigration' (citing NPR of all unbiased sources) due to the Republican's concern for a secure border. Then immediately following that, he laments the record-setting fentanyl overdose deaths in the U.S., apparently without recognizing the loose border's contribution to drug trafficking.

Rather than blame the Chinese fentanyl factories, or the Mexican cartels that handle the transportation into the U.S., Terrell blames the "Sackler family" because of their pharmacy's involvement with OxyContin years ago, that you see... caused this fentanyl situation.

Moving from the subject of drug deaths, he jumps to gun deaths – to remind us it's the leading cause of death for children and teenagers. Well, according to the CDC, that depends on which group of children and teenagers you are talking about. For persons up to 19 years old, the #1 cause of death for Black youth is homicide, at over 35% (and that was for 2017). For White youth, homicide is #4, at just over 5%, right behind cancer.

Finally, no Terrell letter would be complete without bringing up the professionally staged, low-rated anti-Trump sham show, desperately named the "Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol." To Terrell, that crowd of excited, angry, and exuberant people were part of a seditious conspiracy!

This so-called insurrection was deadly to one person that day, an Air Force veteran and female Trump supporter. She was shot to death by a government policeman while climbing through a window. No burning cities for her though. No sensational trials for the killer. A seditious conspiracy, where no one thought to bring weapons to take over the whole U.S. government. And the one guy who's videoed demanding the crowd storm the Capital, Ray Epps, is not called as a televised witness by the sham panel. Odd, is it not?

David Lewis


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