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Nullification is a better way to go

Is an Article V Convention of States, only part of a much greater agenda? Let's take a look.

Today, we keep hearing people say, 'This whole world is going crazy. What is going on?'

Well, there is one huge issue the mainstream news media refuses to acknowledge. A major reason for their silence is - it's biblical. Revelation 13 tells us that someday there will be a one world government system.

Does anyone think this will magically happen all by itself? Think of the huge task this will be for man to accomplish. Only the elite globalists would seek such an endeavor.

Historically, has man ever attempted a one world governing system? Yes! Babylon was the first attempt at a governing system. God wisely responded by scattering the languages, making man's ultimate goal much more difficult.

Fast forward – Immediately after World War I, The League of Nations was another attempt. Thankfully our congress voted not to join, resulting in its demise. Then immediately after World War II, The United Nations has been the globalists’ latest attempt. But a major stumbling block impeding their success has been the United States of America.

What has made the U.S. so strong? I see the United States having three major pillars of strength: 1) Our Godly heritage for sure. 2) Our Constitution – No other country's Constitution has stood the test of time as ours. 3) Our education system – 'Training up our children in the way they should go' until 1960, '61 when prayer and Bible study was removed from our government schools resulting in a badly damaged education system. Also, today most of our churches have been compromised by entertainment, watered down sermons and other churches that don't even worship God at all.

Lastly, the globalists and their 'useful idiots' have attempted for many decades to contrive enough states to apply for a Constitutional Convention to amend or change our Constitution. As we know, 34 states are required to apply, then congress will call for a convention to commence.


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