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Kicking It with a glass of wine

Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal

Special to The Village News

Does this ever happen to you? One minute you’re brushing your teeth, the next you’ve got this really brilliant idea popping into your head, but by the time you find a pen and paper, it’s completely gone. Welcome to my world.

While dressing the other morning, I realized that elastic waistbands are my friend. I no longer mock those who opt to pull on their trousers versus a zip and button. I am now a victim to an expanding waistline. Actually, I believe the term is muffin top. While not proud of it, it does make me harder to kidnap.

As it happens, I tried last February to return to the gym, however after only five days, I woke up on Monday morning at 4:00 a.m. with a pulsing heart rate. It felt like my heart was pounding outside of my chest.

That turned into a run to the E.R. Eventually it has been determined that I suffer from atrial fibrillation. The cardio doc is still messing with my meds and that has caused me to hang close to the nest.

Another ongoing ponder is do we adjust our car’s speed when we first see the upcoming speed limit sign or after we pass it? I’ve never found an answer. Or as it seems to those hurling up South Mission into town just a suggestion? Because no one slows down to 35 mph which is why I ask.

That aside, the other controversy continues in our house whether kitchen water is tastier than bathroom sink water. I much prefer kitchen water.

Oh, and here it is the first day of a new month and we haven’t put out the new kitchen sponge. The old one goes in a box for wiping up floor spots or scrubbing outdoor furniture.

Here is another one. In our house, the last one up makes the bed. And that is always me. Unless, of course, we’re leaving on vacation!

Recently I tossed out our old butter dish. It was pretty but it didn’t seal properly even though it was from the famous plastic company that is known for sealing in contents. Now, in its place we have a European style butter bell container. Softened butter goes into a bell-shaped hood which is then placed upside down into the base at the top edge of clean water. The seal between the bell and water keeps oxidation at bay. And better yet, the butter stays fresh and spreadable. We’re loving it.

A few weeks ago, and the first time in my life, I disposed of all of my old, mismatched undergarments and replaced them with new matching ones. I recommend it to everyone. At least there is now one tidy drawer in my chest of drawers.

Ah ha. We are still trying to outsmart a gopher who tunnels under the birdseed that’s spread on the ground for the rabbits and the ground birds. Now the birdseed is on a plank so the next move is up to the gopher.

It is the occasional letter from a reader that inspires me. Thanks for writing John of Bonsall.

Lastly, let me be clear. I enjoy a glass of wine every day for health benefits. The other glasses are for my witty comebacks.

Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal can be reached at [email protected].


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