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Re: Re: 'America's Border Wall Part Three' [Terrell letter 8/04/22]

Filling in America's border wall gaps

We are still anxiously waiting to hear from "JT" why Democrats are so eager to facilitate this unprecedented carnage unfolding at our southern border. Nor have we learned from him why it is okay for these foreign trespassers to breach our borders and break our immigration laws. Or, for that matter, why are Democrats impervious to the rights and lives of their fellow Americans, especially those who have been victimized by undocumented aliens?

Perhaps he can also explain why he misrepresented my letter "Remembering Kate," as I neither stated nor implied illegal aliens killed 30,000 Americans annually. I simply wrote the facts without embellishment or exaggeration, unlike Democrats, who have a propensity for telling lies or omitting pertinent facts whenever it serves their interests.

Here are the facts, illegal aliens kill, on average more than 2,000 Americans annually. So, how many Americans must die from illegal migrants before the Democrat party finally secures our southern border?

Predictably "JT" omitted facts that call into question the Zarate jury's verdict in the murder of Kate Steinle. When San Francisco PD first questioned Zarate, he claimed he was aiming the gun at a sea lion. His statement then morphed into the ricochet theory, which the jury ultimately believed. But a forensic investigator for the prosecutor testified that Zarate had to point the weapon in Kate's direction for the bullet to travel in the path it did.

Incidentally, after firing the weapon, Zarate tossed the gun in the bay and fled the scene. Not exactly the behavior of an innocent person whose defense attorney argued Kate's death was just an unfortunate accident.

"JT" also surmised that justice was served since the jury acquitted Zarate. Au contraire, mon ami. There is little doubt that a San Francisco jury would ever convict one of their own, especially for a gun-related crime. Zarate's jury had little appetite to convict him of murder; after all, in the corners of their twisted minds, Zarate's gun went off by itself.

For the simpletons that populate the Democrat Party, and there are too many to count, a handgun does not go off by itself; it only fires when the safety is off and someone pulls the trigger. Got it? In keeping with San Franciscan values, if they do indeed exist, I suspect if Zarate had killed the sea lion instead of Kate, he would still be making license plates in jail.

By the way, did you know the Biden Administration is quietly completing portions of "America's Border Wall" in Arizona? There are some closely contested congressional races in the offering and a Senate seat that is up for grabs in November. But I'm sure the upcoming election has nothing to do with the Biden Administration's sudden reversal in immigration policy and its urgency to complete the gaps in the unfinished areas of the border wall in Arizona.

As White House Press Secretary Karina Jean Pierre so eloquently pontificated, we're just cleaning up the mess left by the previous administration. You've got to love the audacity of these Democrats.

Speaking of audacity, we have come to accept JT's rancorous tirades, his lack of impartiality, and his futile attempts to defend the indefensible exploits of his party. For my tastes, I hope he will return to the good ole days when he treated us with his dissertation on the idiosyncrasies of water flossers, a riveting subject that dental hygienists across America are still drooling over.

Dave Maynard


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