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Greenwood has three grand champions in county fair's open dairy goat show

Joe Naiman

Village News Reporter

Audrey Greenwood entered 18 goats in the San Diego County Fair's open dairy goat show, and seven of those were chosen as class champion including three who were their division's grand champion with one of those receiving reserve best of show and udder champion for all breeds.

"I did good," Greenwood said.

Greenwood graduated from Oasis High School in 2017 and took agriculture classes at Fallbrook High School to be eligible for Fallbrook's Future Farmers of America chapter. She previously showed animals as a member of Fallbrook 4-H.

After competing in the San Diego County Fair as an FFA member in 2018 Greenwood transitioned to the open livestock breed show in 2019 and won the senior grand champion, junior grand champion, and junior reserve champion awards for the LaMancha breed. The San Diego County Fair did not have an open livestock show in 2020 or 2021.

Argonne's Dairy Goats is the name of Greenwood's business. Her great-grandfather was a Pearl Harbor survivor who was stationed on the U.S.S. Argonne, and Greenwood named her business after that ship. When Greenwood is not taking goats to a show, Argonne's Dairy Goats is located at the Greenwood family home in Fallbrook. Sixteen of the 18 goats she entered in this year's county fair were born at Argonne's Dairy Goats.

A doe who has given birth competes in the senior division for its breed. The junior division is for does who have not given birth. Although milking is not part of the senior dairy goat competition, the criteria includes udder positioning as well as conformation and general appearance.

The junior division had four classes: dry yearlings born in 2021, senior kids born in January 2022 or February 2022, intermediate kids born in March 2022, and junior kids born in April 2022. The senior division had five classes: milked yearlings, 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, and 5-year-olds.

Greenwood entered nine LaMancha does in the junior classes and won first place in three of those classes. Argonne's Azula, who was born in April 2021, was selected as the dry yearling champion. Argonne's Korrsealla, who was born in January 2022, received senior kid champion designation. Argonne's Bellatrix, who was born in April 2022, was given junior kid champion accolades.

"The junior does are important and it's fun to win classes, but it's fun to watch them grow up," Greenwood said.

Watching her does develop may be more enjoyable for Greenwood than receiving ribbons for winning a class, but the two are not mutually exclusive. One of Greenwood's 2019 junior grand champion does was a senior grand champion this year.

The class champions competed against each other for the junior grand champion distinction. Argonne's Korrsealla was chosen as the grand champion.

"Earlier in the year she had done the same thing at a local show," Greenwood said. "I had high hopes for her at Del Mar, and she looked good that day."

Greenwood entered eight senior LaMancha does: two milked yearlings, two 2-year-olds, two 3-year-olds, and two 5-year-olds. She won three of the four classes she entered: Tempo Bello Lei was the champion 5-year-old, Argonne's Caldera won the 3-year-old championship, and Farber Farm Astra was selected as the top yearling milker.

Tempo Bello Lei and Farber Farm Astra are the two does Greenwood entered who weren't born at Argonne's Dairy Goats. Tempo Bello Lei was born in Oregon and acquired by Greenwood as a yearling. Farber Farm was in Oceanside, and Greenwood obtained Farber Farm Astra when Rhys Farmer retired from raising goats.

When the senior LaMancha class champions were pitted against each other for senior grand champion and senior reserve champion recognition, Tempo Bello Lei was named the reserve champion.

"She's been a contribution to the herd," Greenwood said.

Argonne's Caldera gave Greenwood senior grand champion honors.

"When she was born, I knew she was going to be a great goat," Greenwood said of Argonne's Caldera. "She was really a high-quality animal."

Argonne's Forged in Fire is the father of both Argonne's Caldera and Argonne's Korrsealla.

Each breed has a best udder winner, and there is also a best udder award for all breeds. Argonne's Caldera won the best udder award for LaMancha goats and then the best udder championship for all breeds.

"Winning best udder was something I hoped would happen," Greenwood said.

Argonne's Caldera also received reserve best of show for all breeds. "I'm excited for her. She's still young," Greenwood said.

The fair had a best of show for all breeds with grand champions and reserve champions being awarded for specific breeds. The dairy goat show also had recorded grade grand champions and reserve champions for mixed breeds.

In 2019, Argonne's Yahtzee was 3 months old and was the recorded breed junior grand champion. This year, Yahtzee, who is half LaMancha and half Saanen, was the recorded breed senior grand champion as well as the recorded breed 3-year-old champion. Yahtzee also won the best udder award for recorded breed does.

"Yahtzee's kind of a fun goat that I have. She's the only one that's crossbred," Greenwood said. "She's the sweetest goat ever. She's got the best temperament."

Greenwood was 5 when she joined Fallbrook 4-H and began showing rabbits at the San Diego County Fair in 2003. She started showing dairy goats at the fair in 2006. Greenwood transitioned her affiliation from 4-H to Future Farmers of America when she began high school.

The October 2018 National FFA Convention in Indianapolis included the presentation of Greenwood's FFA American degree. She has obtained three associates degrees from Palomar College and plans to transfer to Cal State University San Marcos for the spring 2023 semester.

This year's national American Dairy Goat Association show was the same weekend as the county fair's dairy goat show and was in Pennsylvania, so Greenwood did not attend.


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